Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beautiful Sunday (뷰티풀 선데이 -2007)

Yong-woo Park ... Kang
Gung-Min Nam ... Min-Woo
Ji-hye Min ... Su-yeon
Gi-yeong Lee ... Ki-chyul
Dong-hwa Kim ... Sang-tae
Byeong-ok Kim
Jeong-se Oh
Eung-su Kim
Nam Goong Min
Park Yong Woo
Min-woo seemed innocent enough, preparing for his civil service examination. Yet when he unexpectedly runs into a Soo-Yon, he can’t control his feelings for her and rapes her. Two years later, not knowing his past, Soo-Yon ends up marrying Min-Woo. However, when she finds out that he was the one who raped her, Min-Woo accidentally stabs her, and she becomes a human vegetable. Meanwhile, Detective Choi arrests a drug dealer named Jo upon information supplied to him from another gangster named Lee. Three years later, when Jo is released from jail, he tries to blackmail Det. Choi by providing information on Lee and some dirty money and drugs. Although none of the events seem to be related to each other, a connection is found between them.
Nam Goong Min
Park Yong Woo

OMG! This was a freakin' awesome movie. I can't believe this movie ended so perfectly. And I don't know how to describe this movie without blowing the ending and the twist of the movie. Oh yeah, there was one helluva twist that I figured out just right at the end. Well, maybe I didn't figure it out. LOL! Maybe I came to realization when they wanted me too. Damn them! LOL!

I will say this......or ask this.......can we ever forgive our past mistakes? Can one sin be forgiven for the exchange of one love?

We meet Minwoo. Innocent, caring, loving of one girl. He sees her with another man, gets drunk, loses it, and eventually rapes her. She doesn't ID him and later on eventually marries him.

We meet Det. Kang. His wife is in a coma. Bills are piling up. He has eventually become a "bad" cop to pay for the rising cost of medical bills. But in reality, he hates what he is doing. Can he get out of this mess?

As we watch these two lives spiral out of control, you can't help but be captivated by their traumatic lives. They fight desperately for the one they love but as they fight to stay afloat, the more they sink further in the depths of despair they created for themselves.

As time runs out, we watch these two lives mirror each other in ways you wouldn't expect.

This movie had an excellent plot. I couldn't stop watching having to know what the hell was going on. Geez, the last 40 minutes you'll be on the edge of your seat. And eventually you'll stair at the screen in disbelief because of that damn "twist". LOL! Oh, and even though these men did bad deeds you can't but help but feel their pain. Okay, I cried like a drama queen at the end. It was so good. My throat hurt from holding in the tears but they came out anyway in sobs. This movie was definitely beautiful in every way....................

Nam Goong Min

Park Yong Woo

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