Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scout (스카우트 -2007)

Chang Jung Lim - Ho Chang
Ji-won Uhm - Se-Young
Dae-yeon Lee
Cheol-min Park - Gon-Tae
Il-seob Baek
Hie-kyeong Yang
Hui-won Kim
Won-yeong Jang
Kook-huan Chun
Won-yeong Jang
Cheol-min Park

Set In 1980, Ho Chang works as a staff member for a college baseball team. He’s planning a dream vacation but his plans get derailed by a new assignment. He’s ordered to scout Sun Dong Eul, the most sought after high school baseball player in Korea.
Ho Chang goes to Kwang-Ju to scout Sun Dong. He finds it more difficult than expected as rival scouts from other universities are hindering his plans. Furthermore, he meets his ex girlfriend and her low-life boyfriend who starts threatening Ho Chang.
To make things worse, the baseball player’s parents do not appear to be on Ho Chang’s side. Rumors also say that Sun Dong was already scouted by rival teams. Ho Chang is unable to even get a meeting with Sun Dong, so Ho Chang takes matters into his own hands. He decides to kidnap him! -- Lunapark6

Hmm? Not so sure about this movie. Yeah, it had some comedic moments. Yeah, there were some tears. Yeah, some action too. But there was just too much going on. I didn't realize this film would have historic moments in Korean history. I'm still learning this stuff myself. But I haven't read anything about the Korean Martial Law enforcement in any review yet. I'm sure there are some out there but I just like the short and sweet ones because some of those reviews give out toooooooo much and the movie then becomes ruined.

In this case, though, I thought I would be seeing a typical Korean comedy and that wasn't so. All of the sub stories within the main story were falling apart. The "love" story, well, that was messed up. Did she love him or not?

Anyway, it was alright but I was looking for the typical comedy, romance thing and got a history lesson instead. Damn! This wasn't a dud like the previous movie I've already mentioned but I was looking for a happy and bright...not reminiscent and meloncholy. Errrgh.

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