Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Kiss (ファースト・キス -2007)

Inoue Mao as Fukunaga Mio
Ito Hideaki as Kano Kazuki
Hiraoka Yuta as Yuki Akio
Matsuyuki Yasuko as Takagi Renko
Gekidan Hitori as Shindo Ichiryu
Abe Sadao as Nikaido Masaru
Takenaka Naoto as Banba Dai
Natsuki Mari as Fukunaga Rieko
Sakai Wakana as Saito Haruna
Warabino Tomoya as Shohata Takeo

Gashuin Tatsuya (ep1)
Marie (ep1)
Endo Yuya (ep2)
Kashiwabara Shuji (ep3)
Daito Shunsuke (ep5)
Watanabe Izumi (渡部いずみ) (ep5)
Iketani Nobue (池谷のぶえ) (ep6)
Shiba Toshio (柴俊夫) (ep6-10)
Sugawara Eiji (ep7)
Saito Yua (齊藤夢愛) (ep7-8)

A bitter-sweet and uplifting comedy drama about a young girl Mio and her brother Kazuki. To treat her illness overseas, Mio has been living away from her older brother Kazuki for the past ten years. After learning about the upcoming surgery, which she has only a fifty percent chance of survival, Mio decides to fly back to Japan to spend time with Kazuki. Looking forward to seeing his sweet younger sister, Kazuki anxiously awaits Mio's return in Japan. However, their reunion is nothing but full of surprises as Mio has transformed from the innocent sickly girl Kazuki remembers from ten years ago into a sassy woman with an attitude. Kazuki has difficulty dealing with his wickedly selfish younger sister, but soon learns about the truth of her medical condition and has a change of heart. --groink

Ya know, I've skipped this drama a thousand times. The synopsis didn't intrigue me one bit. Well, I'm coming to the end of all the dramas I can find so I'm scoping for something I might have missed. I sit at the computer and squint my eyes in thought...."Do I really want to watch this?" Okay, the girl has a heart problems which usually means that the drama will be some sort of tearjerker and I'm not really into watching a half of a romantic duo die. So I contemplated. I read the reviews for this drama. Nobody mentions death. Hmm? Maybe this'll be good?

So I get a wild hair up my butt and clicked on the first episode link. I'm hooked. Ohhhhh, am I hooked. I cried in the first freakin' episode. Hello?? Next thing ya know...I can't stand it. I'm practically rushing through all the episodes. Does Mio and Dr. Yuuki make it? To hell with the rest of the cast.....

Hiraoka die for!! I've seen him a countless times. Guess what I'm searching movies and dramas that I might have missed with him in them. Oh......I'm so hooked on this guy. He's so freakin' kawaii!!! I'm in "suki" with him..........*must find my Japanese book and translate that fully into Japanese and not half-assed.*

I loved, loved, loved this drama. God Bless the Japanese and their romance dramas because, and yet again I say this, they don't torture you till you've bled your last drop of blood like the Korean dramas. This was so sweet.........

I'm sooooo downloading the bittorrents for this drama....I must have it!!

Hiraoka Yuta
Hiraoka YutaHiraoka YutaHiraoka Yuta

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