Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Host and Guest (방문자 / Bang-moon-ja -2005)

Host and Guest
Kim Jae-rok
Kang Ji-hwan
Lee Dong-gyoo
Kim Tae-yun

Seoul, winter.

Ho-jun, a recently divorced, part-time film-studies lecturer, moves to a small and shabby one-room flat. Having left his only son Gun with his ex-wife, Ho-jun lives a cheerless and destitute life. His negative and cynical attitude and his miserable situation drive him into a desperate depression.

This was a beautifully scripted, directed, and acted movie. A very, very, very, very slow movie at the beginning. Don't let that fool you one bit. There is a reason for it.

Ho-jun is depressed. We watch at the beginning how his life is a monotonous, boring existence, until..........

Gye-sang shows up to save Ho-jun a death from solitude in the bathroom.

The story goes on as the two become friends that probably would have never happened if not for that fateful day.

I'll admit, at first, I wasn't sure if this was a joke plagued by President Bush. Trust me, you'll find out why. I didn't know if this was anti-Americanism, anti-war, anti-terrorism. I wasn't sure. This has definite political undertones surrounding the ending of the movie. What saved this movie was Gye-sang's speech. Can't tell you what it was about because then I've blasted the whole movie for others to see. I cried. Boy, did I cry. Then to top it off....the end. OMG! This movie will have you wondering what in the hell Korea has up it's ass for it's male citizens who are forced to servitude in today's military.

Eric Mun popped into my head. He leaves next month. Oh God, I'll be crying like a freak on a leash. I understand the threat of the North breathes down the South's neck. Why in the hell is the American military over there if the average Korean male is forced to serve his country for 2 years...or longer if they so choose?

This movie goes in this direction of what the average Korean male has to ponder in his life and decide to serve his country or time in jail. Geez-a-lou!

This movie was just brilliant. I can't describe how brilliant this movie is. There are no words but to just say that to watch it will quench your desire of wonderment.

Kang Ji Hwan
Kang Ji HwanKang Ji HwanKang Ji HwanKang Ji Hwan

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