Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh! Brothers (오! 브라더스 -2003)

Oh! Brothers
Jung-Jae Lee - Oh Sang-su
Beom-su Lee - Oh Bong-gu
Mun-shik Lee - Jeong
Seung-su Ryu - Heo Ki-tae
Yong-jin Ryu - Mr. Park
Won-jong Lee - Mr. Hong
In-yeong Yu
Hyeong-jin Kong
Yeong-gyu Park
Ji-Yeon Park
Su-jeong Eom
Hyeong-ja Kim

Oh! Brothers stars Jung-Jae Lee as Sang-wu, a jaded paparazzi photographer who deals with the less-than-moral side of life. Squeezed for money by a crooked detective, Sang-wu is forced to become a debt collector, a profession he finds little success in.

His problems become exacerbated when his estranged father dies and leaves him with a surprise: Bong-gu (Beom-su Lee), his 12-year-old half-brother who looks to be in his mid-30s due to a rapid aging disorder.

This is a freaking top-notch movie. I loved it! Loved, loved, loved it! From the very beginning of the movie...(OMG! It's hilarious!) to the end. It was exquisitely made for a comedy.

From the beginning when Sang-woo extorts money from the couple who are having an affair, he gets $200,000 (won) for bogus pictures the couple think of them. Nope. They are pictures of pigs and a pig farm. As Sang-woo runs out of the restaurant, the expressions on their exposed faces was priceless.

To the end, when Sang-woo sends his brother a picture, but it wasn't just that but the feeling of satisfaction. Some Korean endings leave you either in disgust or unfulfilled. Rarely do they end the way you want or happily. This one was worth every minute of this movie. Satisfied? Yes. Gratified? Yes. Am I happy? Deliriously so.

Lee Jung Jae
Lee Jung JaeLee Jung JaeLee Jung Jae

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