Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Never to Lose (Kangryeok 3Ban / 강력 3반 -2006)

Never to Lose
Jun-ho Heo - Mun Bong-soo
Hang-Seon Jang - Yuk Chul-gu
Min-jun Kim - Kim Hong-joo
Tae-wook Kim - Oh Jae-chul
Sang-mi Nam - Lee Hye-ryung
Sang-Myeon Park
Hae-jin Yu
Ji-hye Yun - Tae-hee Kim
Eung-su Kim
Jeong-tae Kim - Jae-chil Oh
Sung-ha Cho
Tae-yeong Yun - Tae-do Seo
Nae-sang Ahn - Sil-jang Park

“Never to Lose” concerns the men of Homicide Unit 3, who are in dire straits at the moment. While Unit 3’s cops are full of ambition and talent, they never seem to crack a case. The team is comprised of Detective Koh, a 15 year veteran, Detective Kim (Min-jun Kim), a rookie eager to make a name for himself, Detective Koh, a married man who spends more time on the job than with his wife, and Detective Ryung ( Sang-mi Nam ), who can’t get taken seriously by her peers because she’s a woman. While at a party with his girlfriend, Kim happens upon information about a drug deal that could get the team the respect they’ve been looking for. But what the team gets into turns out to be not just a big drug bust, but a case that makes Homicide Unit 3 the target of the largest drug lord in Korea .

This movie was a freakin' riot. I really liked it. It wasn't a blockbuster but it kept me on my toes and it was fun. Okay, I'll admit Kim Min Jun was freakin' hot!

I'll admit there were a few scenes that were funny but I don't think was really supposed to be a comedy. Okay, I cried when one particular cop was killed. I couldn't believe it. I think it was the quote that he said that made my heart hurt.

I did think that a romance was supposed to have evolved between two particular cops but I think they didn't want to make this movie into something like that. So the romance was on the downlow. Which was okay. But I was hoping.................

The movie had a great start, good middle, and a rewarding ending. So this movie wasn't half bad.

Kim Min Jun
Kim Min JunKim Min JunKim Min Jun

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