Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jungle Juice (정글쥬스 -2002)

Jungle Juice
Hyuk Jang ... Ki-tae
Beom-su Lee ... Cheol-su
Chang-min Son ... Min-cheol
Yi-da Jeon ... Mac
Yong-seon Kim ... Ki-tae's mother
Bong-gyu Lee ... Ki-tae's father
Man Kim ... Dong-ho
Tae-gyu Bong ... Tang-gae
Kyeong-ho Jeong
Jung-ki Kim
Roe-ha Kim
Won-sang Park
Je-mun Yun
Hye-jin Jeon (01/01/1976)

On a sunny afternoon, Kit and Chul-soo were eating ice cream on top of a car’s hood. The girls were looking good and their best friend Crocodile had gone into marine reserves’ training. Hippo visits to consult with crocodile about a new drug trade, but crocodile had already left. Hippo looks for someone to work for him where the two scums come into play. From then on, things head downhill. They’re asked to pay the price for the lost bag of dope and later become accused of stealing the bag.

Whatever… They decide to run for life with a bag of coke that can make them rich.

This movie was all over the place. Okay the beginning was a little messed up, it came together, then got weirder and weirder and weirder. Gotta love Jang Hyuk. Damn, he's funny but can be so serious but when he's funny....he's funny. I love his facial expressions. They are so over exaggerated. LOL! But yet that is just him. Ya know?

Anyway, this movie was fun but don't expect this story to make sense. It was just a hoopla of corny situations, drugs, some fighting (but nothing you'd expect...not Jackie Chan style), sex (oh yes, we get to see Hyuk in all his muscular glory), some funny moments (LOL! Cheol-su has only one testicule).

I think most will like this movie but then some will probably hate it. I think this movie is just for those of us who love Jang Hyuk and Bong Tae Gyu (yeah, he's in it too). This movie is definitely a boredom buster...................

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