Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typhoon (Taepung / 태풍 -2005)

Dong-Kun Jang ... SIn
Jung-Jae Lee ... Gang Se-jong
Mi-yeon Lee ... Choi Myeong-ju
David McInnis ... Somchai
Kap-su Kim
Chatthapong Pantanaunkul ... Toto
Il-hwa Choi

Sin (Jang Dong Gun, who also played the lead role in “Friend”), a North Korean who as a child attempted to defect to the South with his family but was betrayed, resulting in the deaths of his parents. Plotting genocidal revenge, Sin takes up with a group of Thai pirates, and steals a U.S. ship carrying nuclear devices which have been secretly manufactured in Taiwan . He is pursued by Kang Se Jong (Lee Jeong Jae, also in the 2000 romantic hit “Il Mare”), a naval officer who attempts to bring Sin to justice, though who gradually comes to understand, and even sympathise with his foe.

This move was freakin' awesome! Totally freakin' awesome! I loved it from the beginning to the very end. Oh yeah...I was a blubbering idiot but then if I cry that means it had to have touched me in some way.

In actuality, you couldn't help but eventually fall for the bad guy. In actuality, was he really a bad guy? Okay, he was threatening to kill every South Korean with nuclear explosives. Okay, he killed a bunch of people in the process of getting said nuclear weapons.

But as the story flashed back and forth between his life as a kid and adult, you actually wonder if he wasn't doing the right thing...sort of. Okay, not every South Korean should die but the person/people who made his life and family's life a living hell. Yeah, they should suffer a gruesome death. But he was so "messed" in the head, filled with hatred, really couldn't blame his feelings at the time.

So in this same process, our hero starts to understand the same things you as a viewer will feel. He understood Sin's desire and will to finish what was started 20 year's earlier. The movie was way to good to give up. I really loved it. Again, for us girlies....make sure you have some tissues handy. God! Was it good.

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