Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Backdancers! (バックダンサーズ!-2006)

The Backdancers
Hiroko Shimabukuro - Yoshika
Aya Hirayama - Mihu
Sonim - Tomoe
Saeko - Aiko
Yu Hasebe - Juri
Takanori Jinnai - Jotaro Suzuki
Yoshino Kimura - Reiko Mihama
Masahiro Komoto - Takahashi
Kuroudo Maki - Teru
Kei Tanaka - Akira
Hiro Tsunoda - Rota
Kazuma Suzuki - Seiji
Yukiya Kitamura - DJ Kem
Zen Kajiwara - Isobe
Kosuke Toyohara - Takikawa
Mako Ishino - Naomi Saeki

When their star singer, Juli, suddenly decides to abandon her career for marriage, her four back-up dancers are at a complete loss. Miu is passionate and serious about dancing, while Yoshika is the most talented, and a natural leader. Tomoe is slightly older than the others, and wants to get married, but Aiko hopes to achieve her own stardom. They expect Juli's eventual return, but meanwhile their agency assigns them to a young manager, Chano. However, he cannot obtain sufficient work to prevent them from breaking up. But then he comes up with the idea of teaming them with a washed-up rock band called Steel Crazy (another burden on the company), which to everyone's surprise turns out to work quite well! As Chano starts to look for a bigger chance for them, the agency decides to disband the group for a newcomer, Mayu Kisaragi, with Super Tigers. Ultimately, the four are fired after having an on-stage fight with Mayu's group. In the hopes of reuniting them, and because of his love for Miu, Chano struggles to land a big-time stage for the Backdancers!

This was a pretty good movie. Not the best but it was a nice boredom buster.

An average movie with the main characters who are supposed to be great dancers. In my opinion, they weren't all that. The competitors were waaaaaay better than they could ever be.

Not overly dramatic with bits and pieces of the characters over acting.

A nice surprise was seeing Tanaka Kei protraying Chano, the girls' manager. Cute, sweet, and innocent....the best part of the movie.

The old man playing Jotaru...well, they could have found someone else for his character. He just gave me the eebie-jeebies. Kind of perverted or something. He just didn't fit well in that character.

But the fun factor was there in the movie. The typical movie with a group of wayward, not understood teens who want to make it big...........

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