Monday, August 4, 2008

Beautiful (아름답다 / Ahreumdapda -2008)

Su-yeon Cha - Eun-young Kim
Cheon-hee Lee - Police Officer Choi

Lee Cheon HeeBeautifulBeautifulBeautiful

A miserable girl because of her irresistible beauty.. Is her beauty the Blessing? Or the Curse? There is a girl, Eun-young, who is not happy for her breathtaking beauty. She gets lonely and exhausted from the stares from men and jealousies from women. One day, she gets raped by one of her stalkers, Sung-min and hears the terrible words from him. “I did it just because you are so beautiful.” She believes that she was raped because of her cruel beauty and starts to kill her beautiful looks. And there is one guy who runs after her…

This was an interestingly, amazing movie. It was totally weird....twilight my opinion.

Imagine that you are sooooooo beautiful, the opposite sex won't leave you alone for one minute. Would that appeal to you or disgust you?

This movie really showed the opposite side of beauty. This woman was so beautiful that the men fawned all over her to the point that their love was never sincere. The aggression of the men was entirely possessive. The dark side of beauty is exactly what someone would expect it to be.

After being raped, she was now definitely a man hater. Her mind turned to mush, a psychosis that led her to want to gain weight but she couldn't. She then tried anorexia and bulimia to be ugly skinny.....almost. But the only way for her to live was to kill the man who raped her. But the problem is......he's in prison but her psychosis had her seeing the rapists image on every man.

Only one man truly tried to save her but then after awhile started becoming obsessed with her too. Stalking her, he saw the dark side of her illness.

His dilemma.......let her go or give in to his obsession. In a way, this was a most twisted love story. The conclusion was almost expected but yet sad. And then the very, very, very end was sick to the point of disgusting................

The movie, while being weird, was a cinematic gem. I loved the context of the story. A twist on the fairy tale that all women want to be beautiful but are the consequences worth it??

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