Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hit Team (Chung chong ging chaat -2001)

Hit Team
Daniel Wu (Ng Yin-Cho)
Alex To Tak-Wai
Jo Koo
Samuel Pang King-Chi
Monica Lo Suk-Yi
Ruby Wong Cheuk-Ling
Chin Kar-Lok
Alan Moo
Joe Lee Yiu-Ming
Tony Ho Wah-Chiu

Routine actioner from Dante Lam succeeds thanks to attention to detail and believably human performances. Another in the “cop soap opera” genre, Hit Team details the clash between two groups of cops. One is the special “Hit Team,” designed to go after heavily armed bad guys, and the other are a group of rogue cops robbing underground banks.

Alex To leads the rogue cops, who are actually stealing the money to fund an operation for their crippled buddy Chin Kar-Lok, who was shot by evil triads and hung out to dry by his superiors. The Hit Team is led by Daniel Wu, who manages to show a surprising intensity as the serious squad leader. Right off they suspect that the robberies are done by cops, and as the truth comes to light things get a bit complicated. Of course Daniel disagrees with what Alex and his pals are doing, but he agrees with their purpose. Ultimately, decisions are made and things are explained through action rather than words.

Typical HK cop movie. It was fun, lots of action (not of the kung-fu type this time around), and lots of drama.

This movie actually questioned the morality of the police department. An undercover cop gets shot in the back, becomes paralized and the department turns their back on him. Morals? What is the understanding of it? So his friends break free of the department except for one and take on an underground banking group to steal the money that was "stolen" from the injured cop who needs the surgery so he doesn't stay paralyzed.

Investigating their actions is another department section of the police department who realize that their own are breaking the laws and are determined to capture them but as time goes on and the investigation becomes more intense do they realize the understanding of the rogue cops.

This was a pretty fast paced movie. Some character descriptions were left by the wayside but the story didn't become overly tainted.

A fun ride to watch.....and Daniel Wu's character was surprisingly calm, cool, and smart compared so some of the characters he's played before. Very nice!!!

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