Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mothers and Daughters (Heukshi monyeo / 흑심모녀 -2008)

Mothers and Daughters
Hye-jin Shim - Nam-hee Park
Su-mi Kim - Kan-nan
Da-hee Lee - Na-rae
Sang-woo Lee - Jun

Nam-hee (Hye-jin Shim) is going about selling fruit from her truck, when she nearly runs over a young gentleman, Joon (Sang-woo Lee). Joon finds his way to Nam-hee's house, where he meets her mother Gan-nan (Su-mi Kim), and her 20-year-old daughter Na-rae (Da-hee Lee). Through a series of circumstances, Joon comes to live with the three women, and with the introduction of a handsome man in their house, the three use their own skills to vie for his attention and compete for his affection.

This movie was really good but yet it bothered me. I can't really accept a "love" relationship of a middle aged woman to a man half her age especially if she has a daughter of the same age as the man.

I couldn't really enjoy this movie and dig down into it. I'm sure others will say differently because the age thing didn't bother them. So I sat there and grimaced everytime the "two" had a heartfelt moment. I actually hoped this was a freak thing and in actuality the man (Jun) had the hots for the daughter. He was kind to her but there wasn't a connection except that of a brother and sister type feeling. Ugh!

The casting was good in general. I loved Grandma. Hehe! She was sooooo cute. I think she made the whole movie in general. Her comedic timing is genius! Hugs out to her!

So my own inhibitions to this movie ruined it for me. But don't let my inhibitions bother you. Jun was a darn hottie!! I hope to see him in some better roles though. I really think he can pull something off in his performances.

Lee Sang Woo

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