Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing Closing Ceremonies........Rain is BACK!

*I know this is days late but I've been trying to catch up on Cartoon KAT-TUN so please forgive me. I also have many more movies to blog also. Hopefully, I'll get to those tomorrow...*

Rain, Beijing Closing Ceremonies

Okay, on to my guy! I was so upset with NBC coverage of the final concert. They give Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page, an awesome overview performance. Yeah, Leona belted out that song awesomely. But come on! Rain is more famous in China than Leona Lewis!!!!!!!!!!

So I spent 2.5 hours of my time (neglected KAT-TUN) to wait for Rain's performance. Only a 30 second glimpse pretty much. I was soooooo pissed it wasn't even funny. A few fellow bloggers and forum friends also shared the same view as I. Eeeeergh! Oh and to top it off, NBC announced him as a Chinese performer. I 'bout choked on my Diet Mountain Dew! NBC you're such dumb asses, it ain't funny.

But!!!!! What we did see was a handsome, elegant Rain. The long hair was chopped off and the old Rain was back at it. That beautifully sculpted body and magnanimous voice.....*sigh*

Rain is Back!!!!

January 2009 won't get here fast enough to see his next cinematic performance as a Ninja Assassin! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Rain, Beijing Closing CeremoniesRain, Beijing Closing CeremoniesPhotobucket

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