Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Most Distant Course (最遥远的距离 -2007)

The Most Distant Course
Tz-yi Mo - Xiaotang
Siao-guo Jia - Acai
Lunmei Kwai - Xiaoyun

Tz-yi Mo
It is a road movie about people finding their true selves and overcoming heartaches through the medium of sound. Xiao Tang sends a tape of nature’s sounds he recorded himself to a former girlfriend without knowing she had moved away. Ruoyun knows the tape is meant for someone else but slowly overcomes a painful breakup by listening to it. And Ah Cai, a psychiatrist who had been wandering around after his wife left him, meets Xiao Tang by chance.
Tz-yi Mo
The sound of nature is the link that binds the three people’s journeys, and it is also the remedy to their heartaches. The film points out that one can be healed by listening to nature’s sounds and realizing that there is a serious communication problem between people today. Lin Jing-Jie offers the audience a sound-therapy experience through this film.

This was a terribly slow movie. But then that is what made this film. It wasn't a lot of talking. Very little action. What there was was music, laughter, quiet, stillness, waves crashing, birds chirping, wind blowing.

This was about the human spirit and its ability to recuperate after loss of love and the breakup of romance. How sounds are capable of healing the holes created by the aforementioned. We struggle with everyday problems but never seem to delegate how to prioritise what our selves need most.

This was a relaxing movie. I'm sure many will say they were bored to tears but I was fascinated. I guess I wanted to see if Xiaotang and Ruoyun would meet up.

This movie is made for the discriminating tastes. This movie could fall on deaf ears....but then I hope not.

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