Friday, August 1, 2008

Time and Tide (Seunlau ngaklau / 顺流逆流 -2000)

Nicholas Tse - Tyler
Wu Bai - Jack
Candy Lo - Ah Hui
Cathy Tsui - Ah Jo
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang - Uncle Ji
Couto Remotigue Jr - Miguel Joventino
Jack Kao - Police Officer

Bartender Tyler (Nicholas Tse) dreams of paradise in chaotic and over-speed modern Hong-Kong. The best way for him to fulfil his wish is to make as much money as quickly as possible. One night, he gets pissed with a beautiful young lesbian and undercover cop, called Ah Jo (Cathy Chui). Both don't remember anything the following morning. Ah Jo realises that she might be pregnant. Tyler decides then to take his responsibilities as a young father and he really looks for a job that can provide a quick buck. He gets hired in the protection company owned by former loan shark Uncle Ji (Anthony Wong). Jack, an ex- member of a South American commando team, has finally settled in Taiwan as a mere butcher to live a new life. He got married with Hui (Candy Lo) and got her pregnant. A happy and peaceful future is awaiting the new family until his former team-mates arrive in Hong-Kong. Their mission is to kill Hui's father, a powerful Triad boss. Troubles arise when Uncle Ji and Tyler are hired to protect the Boss and when Jack is forced to kill him…

Okay, it's been a Chinese love fest today. LOL! Today, has not been a dissappointment. Of course, this movie has the most famous of all HK actors on the market and he's eye-candy to boot. Nicholas Tse was wonderful as always as the young man trying to make a living to earn money for the woman he got pregnant. They didn't mention it in the synopsis but I think the girl actually started to fall in love with him. Dunno. Just my opinion.

The action, as usual, for a HK movie was really cool but it wasn't played out by the Nick-meister. Oh was Wu Bai. Man, some of that stuff was cool. I think my favorite part, and I had to laugh, was when he and Miguel were going down the side of the apartment with automatic rifles shooting at each other and the residents just sort of stood there like it was an everyday thing. LOL!

The ending was actually really good too. I am happy to say there were no deaths of the main actors and all babies were born healthy in the movie. Yeah!!!!!!

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