Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Better Than Sex (Ai qing ling yao -2002)

Better Than Sex

Michael Wong
Ginny Liu
Leon Dai
Sheng Chen
Tomohisa Kagami
Zhen-Ya Wu
Chen-Hsi Li

The bright 17 year-old Taiwanese teenager Lin Zhuzhuang (Michael Wong) was always a bit different from his peers because a very important part of his body was always bigger than theirs. This fact caused him to develop a special often nerve-wrecking curiousity towards sex. After he makes the acquaintance with book shop owner Mr Zheng (Bobby Chen), he creates a love for A books that extends to such immense proportions that even school assistant (Huang Chia) can only look up in disbelief. He starts to totally isolate himself from other people and regards Mr Zheng as his only friend. Even Lin Xiao ying (Liu Honghua) who is secretly in love with him and furtively serves him tea eggs every morning does not seem to catch his attention.

One day Mr Zheng sadly passes away and leaves behind a key and a house number for him. When he arrives at the relevant address he finds a hidden loop hole through which he can peep into a room that is occupied by two young female police officers (Dai Liren and Zhi Tian Ai Zi). It is then that Zhuzhuang discovers that Mr Zheng had an abnormal tendency for sex fantasies. He also realizes that sex is not a replacement for love. He gives up his passion for A books and sets out to find his true love(Source

I don't think I really liked this movie. I mean it had some funny and cute moments but in the entire movie it kept cutting back and forth and it had too many stories to keep up with. I really thought it was about the high school boy and his discovery of love and sex but instead it kept flipping to a bunch of hooligans, a film crew from Japan, and then the boy.

There was just too much put into the fire and it didn't seem to keep with the theme of the story. I wasn't entirely sure if I really wanted to watch the whole thing but kept watching thinking that there was a point to this......not really.

So watch it if you want be might get lost into the fiasco.

Oh, the only good part of the story was when the boy explained to his teacher about his "problem" and they used a balloon to describe his actions. If you don't understand what I mean, that part is worth watching and it happens to be relatively close to the beginning of the movie. LOL! I have to admit I laughed pretty good through that....................

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