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One Percent of Anything (2003)

One Percent of Anything
Kim Jung Hwa as Kim Da Hyun (26)
Kang Dong Won as Lee Jae In (32)
Han Hye Jin as Jung Hyun Jin (26)
Lee Byung Wook as Min Tae Ha (32)
Kim Ji Woo as Lee Jae Yeong (25)
Kim Seung Min as Kim Hyeong Jun (32)
Da Hyun's family
Kim Young Ran as Jung Mi Jung (mother)
Choi Sang Hoon (최상훈) as Kim Jin Man (father)
Kyung Joon as Kim Seo Hyeon (older brother)
Huh Jung Min as Kim Jun Hyeon (younger brother)
Jae In's family
Byun Hee Bong as Lee Kyu Chul (grandfather)
Lee Hui Do as Kim Dong Suk (secretary)
Oh Mi Yeon as Yum Sun Hee (mother)
Kim Chung (김청) as Lee Soo Young (aunt, Tae Ha's mother)
Jun In Taek as Min Hyuk Joo (uncle, Tae Ha's father)
Choi Min Soo
Yoo Gun

Kim Jung Hwa is a young and sincere middle school teacher, who has little interest in money. She is also extremely warm-hearted and loves to help other people. When she helps carry an elderly man's belongings from the train to another location, the elderly man is extremely thankful. This grandfather turns out to be the extremely rich owner of a well known conglomerate. His grandson, Kang Dong Won is a quick-tempered businessman who rivals his grandfather, but in an almost comical way. In an order to "tame" his favorite grandson, the grandfather agrees to give his entire fortune to the person who marries Kim Jung Hwa, therefore forcing Kang to meet the girl whom his grandfather chose. Although at first Kim and Kang don't get along because of Kang's extremely cute but bad temper, their arguments bring them closer together. Kang starts to get jealous when Kim's fellow teacher starts liking her too. Through the clever conditions that Kang's grandfather makes, Kang starts a relationship he does not look forward too. However, what looked like a relationship that would 99% not work out, turns out to be the "perfect" match, the 1% chance.

I've been so bored lately. I've watched all the movies off I haven't seen all the dramas but there are some that don't trip my trigger anyway. Soooooo................

I've been rewatching dramas I've seen over a year ago or more. I came across this one and thought to myself...."I don't remember Kang Dong Won in this...." Ummm, when I saw this I was a newbie to the asian drama world and didn't know anyone.

I forgot how much I loved this drama. I actually spent a whole two days holed up to watch this. Yeah, two days!!! It has 26 episodes my God.

And since this was a long time ago, I enjoyed it more since I was able to appreciate the actors more soundly.

There is only one thing about this drama I didn't like......the last 6 episodes forget about the main two characters and focus on the sub characters. Okay, that's all good but we all watched this to see Jae-in and Da-Hyun's relationship bloom. Okay, they made it to the alter but I wanted to see their married life. Ah well, it was a happy ending. All's well and ends well..........

And we can't forget about KDW.......holy moly is he fine. The Duelist...everyone must see him in the Duelist!!!!

Kang Dong Won

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