Monday, August 4, 2008

Watashitachi no Kyokasho (わたしたちの教科書 -2007)

AKA: Our Textbook
Our Textbook
Kanno Miho as Tsumiki Tamako (lawyer)
Ito Atsushi as Kaji Kohei (substitute teacher)
Tanihara Shosuke as Seri Naoyuki (Tamako's boyfriend, lawyer)
Shida Mirai as Aizawa Asuka (2nd year student)
Maki Yoko as Oshiro Saki (social studies teacher)
Fubuki Jun as Amagi Masumi (vice principal)
Sakai Wakana as Yoshikoshi Nozomi (English language teacher)
Ohkura Koji as Toita Atsuhiko (physical education teacher)
Sato Jiro as Kumazawa Shigeichi (Japanese language teacher)
Mizushima Hiro as Yahata Daisuke (Math teacher)
Maekawa Yasuyuki as Uda Masashi (Tamako's junior, lawyer)
Igarashi Shunji as Amagi Otoya (vice principal's son)
Ichikawa Miwako (ep7, 8) as Misawa Akiko
Yajima Kenichi as Judge

Class 2-3
Tomiura Satoshi as Kaneyoshi Riku
Tanimura Mitsuki as Nishina Tomomi
Suzuki Kasumi as Yamada Kazuko
Itoh Sairi as Sansei Mai
Yanagita Erika as Suto Ayaka
Ikeda Jun as Kobayashi Yuki
Ikeda Koshin (池田晃信) as Honda Masaki
Yamamoto Hikaru (山本ひかる) as Nobe Chiharu
Tonoshiro Yuma (登野城佑真) as Yamafuji Takumi

Tamako, an elite lawyer with a promising future, works for a reputable law firm. She is recently given an opportunity to take a case involving a young child who has been bullied at a local elementary school. Fully aware of the difficulties uncovering the truth in cases involving schools, Tamako is reluctant to proceed with her new client. Tamako is romantically involved with one of her colleagues, Naoyuki, and is hoping to further develop their relationship. However, Tamako's seemingly happy life comes to a sudden halt when she learns the news of an accident involving a young female high school student named Asuka. Asuka had apparently fallen from a classroom window on campus and suffered serious injuries. Tamako takes a strong interest in Asuka's case and immediately launches her own private investigation. --groink

What is it with me this week and tear-jerkers? I just seem to be all over them lately. LOL!

I decided last night that I was going to hit a drama series this time. This one seemed different plus it Hiro-kun in it. LOL! I'm so glad I did. I knew from the very first episode that I was in for a heart breaker but I trudged on.

This series was fascinating stuff and should be shown in the classroom everywhere. It might or might not change a life but it would definitely be worth trying. I guess you could say it hit a hot spot concerning the bully's side of things and how a bully's actions can forge a new life of despair for their victim.

Yes, this was sad in so many ways. Not only can the bully be a student but also a teacher and/or parent. No love triangles. This was all about the school system, the legal system, and the human heart.

This drama can in so many inspire you to talk with your kids and students. In many ways, we have all been bullied once in our lives. Thumbs up for this whole entire series!!

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