Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Happy Life (즐거운 인생 / Jeulgu woon Insaeng -2007)

The Happy Life
Jin-yeong Jeong - Ki-young
Yun-seok Kim - Seong-wook
Sang-ho Kim - Hyeok-su
Geun-seok Jang - Hyeon-jun
Ho-jung Kim - Sun-mi
Ah-sung Ko - Ju-hee
Yeong-seon Kim

Ki-young (Jung Jin-Young) is an unemployed lay-about who, after attending a school chum’s funeral, persuades two other friends to restart their old college band. The hardworking Sung-Wook (Kim Yoon-Suk) and the lonely Hyuk-Soo (Kim Sang-Ho) reluctantly agree when they come to the realization that two jobs and solitary nights can’t be all there is to life. They recruit young Hyun- Joon (television heartthrob Jang Geun-Suk) to take over as frontman. It just so happens Hyun-Joon’s dead father was the fourth band member.

OMG! I loved, loved, loved this movie from the beginning to the end. It was fun. It made a wonderful point. And dreams can come true and if you fight and try hard enough. You can win.

My fellow birthday buddy, we share the same day, is in this. Yeah, JGS is that buddy. He is such a cutie, patootie! Look at that face. So young.....*sigh*

I have to say I had to laugh when the members of the band got tattoos. Oh, that was a hoot. And then when they went shopping for the band clothing. They looked sooooooo not ready and overly dressed for the concert. It was like watching KISS.....that make-up. LOL!

Such a great movie. And not a bad ending to be had! Yea!!!!!!!!!

Jang Geun Seok

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