Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Legend of Speed (烈火战车2:极速传说 /Lit feng chin che 2 gik chuk chuen suet-1999)

The Legend of Speed

Ekin Cheng - Sky
Cecilia Cheung - Nancy
Moses Chan -
Stephanie Che
Mary Hon
Sau Leung 'Blacky' Ko - Black Tone
Jerry Lamb
Sammuel Leung
Kelly Lin - Kelly
Patrick Tam - Paddy
Simon Yam - Tang Fung
Wai-Ho Yung

Sky lives only for his passion for racing and his girlfriend. After his rivals frame him for drug possession and murder his girlfriend, he must get revenge in a street race to end all street races.

Sky (Cheng) is the Dare Devil of Hong Kong — He's the best at drag racing sports cars from one end of the island to the other. He takes all wagers, including side bets that, if you win, you get to break the loser's leg.

He's got a loyal gang around him, including his girlfriend Kelly (Kelly Lin). Except that one of his group of admirers, mousy Nancy (Cecilia Cheung), thinks she's the girl who will love him truly.

Sky's life is complicated by the release from prison of the Dare Devil of the 1980s, Fung (Simon Yam of cult favorite "Naked Killer"). Seems that way back when, Fung defeated Sky's father, known as Black Tone, who since has disappeared to Thailand. Depressed after Kelly's death in a drag-racing accident, Sky goes to Thailand looking for dad.

This was an interesting movie. It wasn't the best drifting or racing movie but it had an interesting edge to it.

I didn't like the flow of the movie though. The characters weren't given time to tell their story. I didn't get to know them well enough to like them or not like them. It was a bit confusing.

We didn't learn how Paddy and Nancy came to know each other even though they called themselves brother and sister. We did learn Kelly and Sky knew each other for quite sometime but yet after her death it didn't seem to take long for Sky to start to show some sort of affection for Nancy even though you knew it would sort of happen.

Action wise it was filling enough to keep me interested. But since this was an older model of a movie I'll give it a chance since modern technology has overpowered the cinematic age.

Ekin Cheng was awfully "hunkish" in this movie. *saliva runs down my chin* He was one fine hunk of burnin' Chinese man! Uh-huh!

Ekin Cheng

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