Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DBSK-Mini Dramas


"U-know" Yunho

"Xiah" Junsu

"Hero" Jaejoong

"Max" Changmin

"Mickey" Yoochun

FIRST LOVE - feat. Yunho, Micky, ... and this other girl i dunno who - There's a new girl in school and it seems like calm Mcky Yoochun as well as Yunho has taken an interest in her.

UNFORGETTABLE LOVE - It is White day and Yunho happily goes out on a date. The rest of the boys are stuck home and decide to pass time by telling stories about their past girlfriends.

THE UNINVITED GUEST - takes place at the same time as Finding Lost Time. - Someone has deleted all the dbsk boy's recordings making them have to do it again. Not only this but they also receive threat letters, get their uniforms torn and Yunho also loses his underpants. Together they use the clues and solve the mystery note: this drama takes place at the same time as Finding Lost Time so micky yoochun does not appear much.

THE MASKED FENCER - (this took place in those medieval times) Hee Jin is the lady promised to Sir Yunho. On her way to her husband-to-be's home, she is attacked but is later rescued by a man in a mask. At Sir Yunho's house, she meets his servant Yoochun, the man in the mask.

DANGEROUS LOVE - feat. all group members - After a photoshoot in a secluded place, all five band members are told to take rest in the house. Xiah who desperately wants to play his football, drags Max outside to play with him. Bad idea. The pair get hurt and end up staying a house nearby, the girl who "rescues" them hides a secret which stops them from returning home. Back at the house, Micky is in his own world and extremely worried about his lost band-mates, while Hero is anxious about why U Know is being ever so nice to him.

FINDING LOST TIME - feat. main characters Micky yoochun, soohyun, and Sungmin from super junior. - Micky and Sungmin's had been good friends since forever until one day they hear a flute playing and they both fall in love with the girl. Upon giving soohyun (the main girl) a song written my micky himself, he sees her giving a special gift to sungmin. He decides to moves away and years later he meets soohyun again who tells him that sungmin is dead. Slowly the story reveals itself......

I must confess! I have fallen in love with this group. I don't know why all of a sudden their music has just started to appeal to me. Maybe after seeing them on the series Xman (Korean reality TV), I just became interested in them. Okay, Yunho's dancing caught my eye. I thought to myself...."Damn! This guy is HOT!" Then they had them sing on the show and was astounded. Damn! So I hit the trusty ol' youtube and did research. Then hit the trusty ol' crunchyroll for dramas. *hint, hint, hint*

Whereas, Dangerous Love was hilarious. Poor Hero! The thought of U-know and Hero in a "relationship" was addictive, hot, and well, intriguing to say the least. The show actually had two stories with the stoy of U-know and Hero as the sub story. The main story had Max and Xiah "kidnapped" by a woman with not-so-well intentions. Sort of a thriller....kind of.

The other dramas were good as well....entertaining and funny but the two mentioned above were my favorites. Enjoyable and eye candy out the WAZZOO! My favorites.....U-know and Mickey and sometimes Hero. LOL!

I watched them ALL today. I'm in love!<3>

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