Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calla (카라, Ka-la-1999)


Seung-heon Song - Seon-Woo
Hee-seon Kim - Ji-hee
Hyun-joo Kim - Soo-jin

Seon-woo receives calla every morning and wants to find out who the secret admirer is. One day, he goes to a nearby florist's where he meets Ji-hee. He falls in love with her at first sight, thinking she is the one who is sending him flowers. Seon-woo asks Ji-hee to go on a date and she agrees. He arrives at the rendenvous only to find that Ji-hee is held hostage and, to his horror, killed before his eyes.

OMG! I totally loved this movie. Nothing what I thought it would be about. Nothing. It started out sad and I was sure I was going to need a massive amount of Kleenex to cover me. Oh no! This movie made my morning and then some. Oh yeah! I loved everything about this movie. I loved the confusion, the flashbacks, the whole enchilada! I sort of knew he made a mistake with the "flower lady" and sort of caught on to the story but it didn't take away from the ending whatsoever. Totally made my day. I will say there was the one scene when we discover who the "flower lady" actually was which totally blew my mind because she didn't come across that way at the beginning. I'll leave those details out because that would totally ruin the ending and, then why would you want to see this movie? Wow! I can't stop thinking about it.................

Song Seung Hun

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