Friday, May 2, 2008

Ditto (Donggam)


* Kim Ha-neul (김하늘)
* Yoo Ji-tae (� 지태)

In this endearing supernatural love story spanning two decades, a university student finds himself communicating with a female classmate from the same school through an antique ham radio, but is soon shocked to learn that she's actually living in a different time period -- 1979, to be exact. Even though they can't meet and they realize it would take a miracle to bring them together in the same era, they begin to fall in love....

The story at first glance is pretty similar to the Hollywood production Frequency, but the differences upon viewing are significant enough. So-eun (played by Kim Ha-Neul), is a university student who has a crush on her classmate. One day she chances across a HAM radio (an old type of radio transmitter) which she take home. She is then contacted by a HAM radio hobbyist known as In (played by Yoo Ji-Tae) who happens to come from the same university as her. Anxious to learn how to operate the ham radio to impress her crush, So-eun agrees to meet In the following day in front of the school clock-tower to get an instruction manual from him. It is during this attempt to meet each other and the subsequent events that follow that we are introduced to the first major twist of the movie. So-eun is from 1979, where the clock-tower is still under construction, while In is from 2000. There is no real attempt to explain this phenomena on the movie’s part, but there isn’t really a need since this little time-travel element is only a means of furthering the plot, not an end to the plot itself......

As I write this, the tears that I have been shedding are still running down my face. Such a truly beautiful, sad love story. *God, I need more tissue!*

Yoo Ji Tae
Yu Ji TaeYu, Ji Tae

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