Thursday, May 29, 2008


Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu
Shibasaki Kou as Utsumi Kaoru
Kitamura Kazuki as Kusanagi Shunpei
Shinagawa Hiroshi as Yuge Shiro
Watanabe Ikkei as Kuribayashi Hiromi
Maya Miki as Jonouchi Sakurako
Hayashi Tsuyoshi as Murase Kensuke
Aoi as Taniguchi Saeko
Fukui Hiroaki as Kobuchizawa Takashi
Takayama Miyako (高山都) as Watanabe Miyuki
Ito Takahiro as Mori Eita

In "Galileo," Fukuyama Masaharu plays a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu, who solves difficult mysteries. Affectionately known as Tantei Galileo ("Detective Galileo"), Yukawa is brilliant, an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric. Yukawa's partner is a rookie cop, Utsumi Kaoru (Shibasaki Kou), a hot-blooded woman with a strong sense of justice.

FINALLY! The Japanese have done it again. A refreshing new concept to television drama. This show was a class act, top rated, mind-engaging rollercoaster ride. This sort of reminded me of the U.S.'s CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) blended in with Japan's Hero drama series.

The show begins out with Galileo reminding us (almost every episode) that emotions are illogical. Where as, Utsumi derived her detective skills on intuition and emotion. Throughout the show, we watch both characters begin to blend their knowledge and strengths and learn to relatively trust each other to a fault. And both begin to learn the value of the other's aptitude....Galileo showing emotion and Utsumi using logic.

Against Korean drama, this show moved relatively fast and didn't leave me with want to run to the last episode to find out the conclusion. Korean's are good about making you suffer through episodes and dragging out the story until you are shaking with an insane amount of curiosity for the end. In this case, Galileo leaves you spellbound and looking forward to the next episode.

Fukuyama Masaharu
Fukuyama Masaharu

Kitamura Kazuki
kazuki kitamura

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