Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Perfect Couple (최강 로맨스, Choi-kang Ro-maen-seu-2007)

The Best Romance
The Best Couple

The Perfect Couple

Yeong Hyeon - Choi Soo Jin
Dong-Wook Lee - Kang Jae Hyuk
Su-kyeong Jeon
Myeong-jin Lee
Jong-su Lee
Jeong-heon Lee
Yoon-seo Chae
Hyo-eun Hwang
Sang-ok Jo

Romance can bloom out of the strangest events. Sometimes even very embarrassing ones. Running after a pickpocket, Detective Kang Jae Hyuk (Lee Dong Wook, My Girl) finds out how problematic journalist Choi Soo Jin (Hyun Young, The Art of Seduction) can be when the skewer that holds her delicious treat magically ends up impaled in his abdomen. Things become more complicated when Kang becomes the police's media rep, as Choi is transferred to crime reporting. The reality show that ensues ("The Choi vs. Kang Report") enables the bickering pair to pursue a crime boss for the benefit of both their careers. But the two start to form a reluctant but formidable alliance: he's good looking, a great fighter, and a good detective. And she's determined to get her story done. Together, they make The Perfect Couple.

LOL! I watched this last night. It was a fun movie. I didn't realize how good looking Lee Dong Wook was. Maybe I should have watched this after Koizora (Sky of Love) because it had really funny, happy moments that lifted your spirits. Totally fun movie to watch. Really!

You never know when love comes your way and how at first it can seem unlikely. I really loved this comedic, romantic romp.

I should have written this last night but it was late and now it's not so fresh in my mind plus I have Koizora running through my head. Ugh! Sorry...*embarrassed*

Just watch if you love looking at LDW!

Lee Dong Wook
lEE DOng wookLee Dong Wook
Me likey this pic! *aye carumba!*

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