Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guns & Talks (Killerdeului suda~2001)

Guns and Talks
Shin Hyun-Joon~Sang-yeon
Shin Ha-Gyoon~Jung-woo
Jeong Jae-Young~Jae-young
Won Bin~Ha-yeon

"Guns & Talks" revolves around four young professional killers. Sang-yeon (Shin Hyun-joon of "The Siren") is the leader, Jung-woo (Shin Ha-gyoon of "Joint Security Area") is the demolitions expert, Jae-young (Jeong Jae-young of "Ghost Taxi") is the resident sniper, while Sang-yeon's younger brother Ha-yeon (Won Bin) eagerly awaits the day when he is allowed to carry a gun. The foursome work out of their shared house, and their claim to fame is following the wishes of their clients down to the very last detail-if the client only wants someone's left hand blown off, they will do it, no questions asked.

Despite their cold-blooded work, they are actually quite harmless and congenial when they are not being assassins. In addition, for all things not work-related, they are pretty dense (one telltale scene has the quartet misinterpreting the English warning "I will never miss you" as "I am never Miss Yu"). This, of course, in addition to contributing to their charm, leads to some absurd situations. They find themselves harassed by a high-school girl who knows their true identity and insists that they kill someone who broke her heart-- Ha-yeon eventually falls for her. Jae-young is given the distasteful task of killing a pregnant woman, though he finds himself incapable of going through with it when he begins falling in love with his intended target. Meanwhile, Sang-yeon accepts a risky job from a pretty television anchorwoman (Ko Eun-mi) whom they all worship. And if things weren't complicated enough, a public prosecutor named Cho (Jeong Jin-young of "Ring Virus") is hot on their trail for the assassination of a witness.

How do I put this? Let me count the ways. This movie was bad-ass. Sugoi! Awesome. One of the top films I've seen so far. Definitely a top three. Sheesh, I highly recommend this to everyone. It's not gory. Just enough comedy, humanism, drama to keep anyone interested. Hell, if that don't get you....Won Bin is in it. Damn! I love, love, loved this movie.

Won Bin
bonusWon BinWon Bin BannerWon Bin belle gueule

Shin Ha-gyun
Sin Ha-gyoonSin Ha-gyoonSin Ha-gyoon

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