Friday, May 30, 2008

Isshun no Kaze ni Nare (一瞬の風になれ Become a Moment of Wind-2008)

Isshun no Kaze ni Nare
Uchi Hiroki as Kamiya Shinji
Fukuda Saki as Taniguchi Wakana
Nishikido Ryo as Kamiya Kenichi
Hasegawa Jun as Ichinose Ren
Igarashi Shunji as Kagiyama Yoshito
Endo Yuya as Negishi Yasuyuki
Tanimura Mitsuki as Torisawa Keiko
Hojo Takahiro as Moriya
Nakamura Tomoya as Momouchi
Uchimura Teruyoshi as Miwa-sensei
Tajima Ryo

The story is about, Shinji, a freshman in high school who has found his calling in track and field, especially sprinting. Once a soccer player who idolized his brother enough to want to surpass him. Realizing this wouldn't happen, he quit soccer and joined the T&F club. The coach realizing that Shinji had potential has regarded him. Later Shinji was asked by the former captain of the team to replace him as captain as Shinji was a special motivator and asset to the team. As the years pass, Shinji finds friends, strength, and love while out on the field. Will he be able surpass his brother and accomplish his goals?

I've only seen the first 3 episodes of this...since the fansubbers haven't released the 4th and final part which is driving me crazy. I've put it in my favorites to keep a lookout for it.

This show is based on a short novel which I haven't seen yet but have read that it's way better than the drama itself. If that is true, then I'd better go and find an English translated version quick. This drama is good. I love sport stories that leave you uplifted and hopeful. I like this one especially because I AM A RUNNER. I totally understand the feeling of wanting and loving to run. (Just 30 minutes ago I ran over 7 miles.*smiles*) Just watching this drama inspired me to get off my ass and move! And I did..............

Tanaguchi: I can't become a hare, but I'll become a fast tortoise. *ahhhhhh!*

Uchi Hiroki
Uchi HirokiPhotobucketPhotobucket

Nishikido Ryo
Nishikido RyoRyo NishikidoNishikido Ryo

Igarashi Shunji
Igarashi ShunjiIgarashi Shunji

Endo Yuya
Endo YuyaEndo Yuya

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