Sunday, May 11, 2008

Double Score

Double Score
Sorimachi Takashi-Tachibana Shinnosuke
Oshio Manabu-Kawamura Etsuro

This is the story of two cops. One doesn't care about getting promoted and wants to be like an American cop. His arrest record is 95% but he has to file a report for just about the same amount of cases because of the way he makes arrests. The other is a clean and cool cop that does everything by the book. The next chapter in this rookie's book is all but written.

These two very different personalities are assigned to work as partners on everyday, run-of-the-mill cases. At first, everyone thinks that they will never be able to work together. But they prove everyone completely wrong, as they go on to solve one case after the other on the streets of Tokyo. --Fuji TV

Okay, I came across this by accident. Really. You'd think all I watch are Takashi-san's movies and dramas. LOL! And he has a LOT! So don't be surprised that I find more. I'm on a hunt for Kimi wo Wasurenai - Fly Boys, Fly! I found the RAW on Veoh but no subs. Damn! It has Takashi-san AND Takuya-san. *If anyone reads this and knows where I can watch it...give me an email, comment, whatever!!!!*

Back to my personal review......this show, again, proved that my Takashi-san is one of the best male leads ever! He played the part of Shinnosuke perfectly. His seriousness and comedic timing are perfect. Then you add Oshio Manabu into the mix....GOD! These two together reminded me of Starsky and Hutch...the Tokyo version. LOL! You couldn't help but feel for Kawamura as he struggled with the seriousness of his job. I was saddened at the end. I didn't want their partnership to end. Damn, I wished they made a TV special or movie! I need them together again. But that won't happen because.........

.......Oshio Manabu quit acting to focus on his singing and band career. Ugh! I'm 3 years too late to pout! He now lives here in the states. I hope he in all seriousness makes it.

Oshio Manabu
PhotobucketOshio Manabu
Oshio ManabuOshio Manabu

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