Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dream Again

Dream Again

This original series stars Takashi Sorimachi as the pro baseball player Shunsuke Ogi, who is forced to retire after a shoulder injury. He continues to train in hope of returning to the game, but a sudden accident leads to his death. God decides to give him a second chance, placing his soul into the body of another man - a wealthy fund company manager - but adjusting to his new life isn't easy... --Tokyograph*

**Spoiler (sort of)**
I just finished this series not just 10 minutes ago. I love, love, LOVE this drama. Geez, I just spent an hour in tears. It's a sad but happy ending. It's hard for me to explain but if you saw Heaven's Tree, you'll know what I'm talking about. It ends roughly, slightly, but differently, the same way. LOL! Did I confuse you?

How do I go about saying this? Being a mother of 3 kids, this drama will tug those parental heartstrings like no other. Those of us (parents) say we'll give our life for our children, but how truthful are we? Would you willingly give your life away for your dying child just to extend their life? Would you go that far?

This drama you'll need a family size box of tissue....'nuff said.

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