Friday, May 30, 2008

I Wish I Had a Wife (Nado anaega isseosseumyeon johgessda, 나도 아내가 있었으면 좋겠다-2000)

I Wish I Had a Wife

Kyung-gu Sol ... Kim Bong-soo
Do-yeon Jeon ... Jung Won-ju
Hee-kyung Jin
Kwang-leol Jeon
Jung-Hee Moon
Tae-hwa Seo
Ban-ya Choi

Bong-soo has been working as manager of a small bank in an apartment complex for three years. During three years there -- no, for 23 years if you count his school days -- he has never been late.

However, he purposely decides to skip work one day. There is only one reason. Inside a subway train that has suddenly stopped on his way to work, everyone around him reaches for their cell phones to call someone. At that moment, he realized that he does not have a single person to call.

He doesn't know that inside the educational centre across the street from the bank where he works, a 27-year-old woman Won-ju is looking at him, nourishing a small love.

Bong-soo and Won-ju run into each other every day, at the Ramen restaurant, at the bank, at the bus station...

Various trivial incidents occur, but Bong-soo still does not truly recognize Won-ju's presence.

This will be a simple review. This movie didn't really contain any hotties so no pictures either.

This story was simple, slow, and a little bit apathetic. To some degree it reminded me of the Korean drama Soulmate. Both Bong-soo and Won-ju crossed paths so many times, but Bong-soo showed know inclination towards Won-ju. Poor Won-ju. It's always the woman who starts noticing...especially when paths cross a few times. Eventually she started liking then falling in love with Bong-soo. It took the whole movie before he realized that there was something between them.

This movie isn't for everyone. It is slow moving with lots of visuals and no talking. Don't expect a lot of emotion. It was kind of bland but I liked it. Okay, okay, was more of a girl movie than anything else. For mature audiences, meaning I don't see a teen or young adult liking this movie much. More of a grown-up thing..........

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