Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fudoh: The New Generation

This was a total piece of crap movie. Oh, I can't believe I held out an hour watching this. I finally gave up. This movie had no point really with the exception of a revenge obsessed high school student/yakuza leader hell bent on killing those who lead to the killing of his older brother. From that point on, a wasted piece of cinema. Gag!

The only good note about the movie was Fudoh Riki, the main character. Tanihara Shosuke has been on the small screen and big screen for awhile and has had some decent and good parts. Has been in Pride and Gokusen 2 which are two of some of my favorite dramas. That probably saved him from my wrath.


Tanihara Shosuke - Riki Fudoh

Set on the island of Kyushu, it tells the story of successful high school student Riki Fudoh, who leads a double life in organized crime. With his gang of underage assassins (forerunners of the kiddie killers in Dead or Alive 2 (2000), including five-year olds with hand guns and a teenage stripper shooting deadly darts from her vagina) he not only controls the goings-on at his school, but aspires to take over criminal affairs on the entire island. Fudoh's true motivations are not just a lust for power. An extensive flashback at the film's opening shows how as a child he witnessed the grisly murder of his older brother at the hands of his yakuza boss father and his subsequent wish for revenge. Buckets of blood flow (literally) when Riki and the kids start an assassination campaign against the top figures of the local yakuza, with his father as the ultimate goal. The underworld goes into a state of panic and calls in mysterious and powerful problem solver Nohma (Riki Takeuchi looking every inch the comic book tough guy). Riki's father meanwhile sends out his own weapon in the shape of a former government agent, who goes undercover as the high school gym teacher and uses methods even more violent than those of young Fudoh's minions.

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