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Detective Conan Live Action Specials 1 & 2


Based off the manga/anime Detective Conan.
detective conan

Special 1~"Prologue"

Shinichi (Oguri Shun) and Ran (Kurokawa Tomoka)'s class decides to take a trip on a boat, but Shinichi decides against going. He quickly changes his mind when he finds a letter of challenge stating that one kid will be kidnapped during the trip. He is eager to accept the challenge, but when the one that vanishes is Sonoko (Ran's best friend), Shinichi must use all of his reasoning abilities to find Sonoko and protect the other students. When at first he doesn't succeed, he recieves a call from the kidnapper stating he will now abduct another student at exactly twelve noon. Shinichi must now recover from his previous failure and hope to prevent a tragedy. But as luck and drama would have it, Ran is the next victim........

Can Shinichi save Sonoko and Ran before it's too late?

Manga~Timeskip~Explanation to Special 2~

The story starts by introducing 17-year old (initially 16 years in the manga) high school student (Shin'ichi Kudo) who is a genius savant, and his childhood friend and crush, (Ran Mori). Shinichi treats Ran to a trip to a theme park named "Tropical Land" and encounters a murder. After easily solving the case and showing off his detective skills, he notices two mysterious men wearing black. Telling Ran to go on home, he tracked the men to a meeting place and witnesses an illegal deal. However, one of the men in black (known only as Gin) notices him and knocks him out. Instead of directly killing him, the two men in black give him an untested experimental poison named Apotoxin-4869 (APTX4869), which was supposed to not only kill Shinichi, but also leave no trace of poison in Shinichi's body. However, Shinichi wakes to find that he is still alive, but has now been shrunk, and his age reverted back to that of about his six year old self.

Following the advice of (Dr. Hiroshi Agasa), Shinichi hides his real identity, lest the men in black find out that he is alive. When Ran asks for his name, Shinichi spots books by Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo and comes up with the name "Conan Edogawa". Agasa says that "Conan" is a relative of his, but that he is too busy to take care of a young child, and suggests that Conan go to live with Ran, and both Conan and Ran agree. Conan feels that by living with a detective, he may be able to amass clues that would lead him to the people who poisoned him.

Special 2~"Showdown with the Black Organization"

Conan attends a party for the "Miss Japanesque" awards, where he happens to eat a cake that temporarily transforms him back into Shinichi Kudo (Oguri). While there, a murder takes place and he has to solve the case. The special will also feature the first live-action appearance of the Black Organization.

Okay, for a different change of pace and having cried my heart out after Dream Again (look at the post below), this was a humorous, fast paced, fun change. Something different and Shun-kun is nice to look at. LOL! I've never seen the manga but am very curious to know what has happened between Shinichi and Ran. Anyone know? I hope they stay together or this will really piss me off to no end..............

Anyway, if you wanting a change of pace and like fun mysteries this is the way to go. Liar Game is good too. Damn, I need to put my review..........

Don't expect an adult well thought out drama. This was more of a young adult/family oriented type show. Enjoy!

Never enough Oguri Shun! Never!!
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