Thursday, May 29, 2008

Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정, Daenseo-ui sunjeong, Dancer's Innocent Love-2005)

innocent steps

Moon Geun Young – Jang Chae-ryn
Park Keon-hyeong – Na Young-sae
Park Won-sang – Ma Sang-doo
Yoon Chan – Jung Hyun-soo

Young-sae was once acclaimed as the most-promising dancer. Losing his partner and lover, he lost his enthusiasm in sports dancing for two years.

Now, he decides to make a comeback at the Championships held in Seoul three months later. His new partner is a girl named Chae-min who lives in China and won in a dance contest. It is then discovered that Chae-ryn has come in place of her sister and she knows nothing about dancing!

Young-sae wants to send her back at first. When he sees Chae-ryn's determination to become a dancer, he starts to train her with the hardest lessons.

Step by step, their dancing starts to sparkle, so as their relationship.

This movie was an actual surprise. I fell in love with this movie. I didn't realize these actors could dance and if it wasn't them...they had me completely fooled. I will admit that this movie reminded me of Dancing With the Stars but that's okay. This was a total feel good movie and if you need something light hearted and touching to get you in a better spirit...this is it! Hey! And Park Geon-hyeong was hot, hot, HOT!

Park Geon Hyeong
From Innocent steps
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