Friday, May 16, 2008

I Like it Hot/Hellcats (Ddeugeoun geotsi joa)

Lee Mi-suk~Kim Yeoung-mi
Kim Min-Hee~Kim Ah-mi
Ahn So-Hee~Kim Kang-ae
Kim Seong-Su~Oh Seung-won
Kim Heung-Su~Nah Won-seok
Kim Beom~Lee Ho-jae

Hellcats centers around three women who live together in an old neighborhood of Seoul. Ami (Kim Min-hee) is a 29-year old screenwriter who has been holed up in a motel trying to finish a screenplay, but like most people involved in the film industry, her career is not progressing smoothly. Frustrated with life as it is, she receives a further shock when her boyfriend Won-seok double-crosses her. Furious and disoriented, she ends up channeling her energies into two things that look likely to get her into further trouble: alcohol and a hot-looking accountant named Seung-won.

Meanwhile Ami is getting little sympathy from her older sister Young-mi (Lee Mi-sook of Untold Scandal fame), who rents out a room to her. A successful 41-year old interior designer working on a new theatrical production, Young-mi has an active love life, and has lately gotten entangled with the much younger Gyeong-su. However an unexpected surprise is awaiting her on her next visit to the doctor's office.

Young-mi also has a daughter in high school named Kang-ae (An So-hee from the phenom teen pop group Wondergirls). A bright, optimistic sort of kid, Kang-ae enjoys a strong friendship with Mi-ran who grew up in Brazil, but she worries about her boyfriend of three years Ho-jae. In short, Ho-jae seems more interested in computer games than in getting naughty with her. Kang-ae and Mi-ran draw up a plan to push the relationship along, but this leads in unexpected directions.

Uhhh. This movie was really boring. Again, I held on hoping for some kind of recourse, but it didn't happen. There was just not enough time to strengthen the characters that were given. The main character being Kim Ah-mi wasn't even totally developed and she had more air-time. Ugh. What a waste.

The older sister sort of gets the guy, her daughter is sort of lesbian, and the main character is satisfied? Whatever. I was hoping for more and but got less than what I bargained for. Ehh!

I might post a hottie pic....might not. Too depressed from this crappy movie.

Kim Beom
I had a hard time finding "older" pics of him. He's got such a baby face. I felt like an old lady if I posted too much baby face. *gah!*

Kim Sung Soo
Kim Sung SooKim Sung SooKim Sung Soo
This hunky thing was in Full House with my RAIN!!!!!!!! Rain *shivers with delight as I say his name fondly through my trembling lips* Rain!

I will shut up about "you-kno-who". I've seen Kim Sung Soo in lots of dramas and movies. He is a well-established actor who gets around. I last saw him in The Sweet Sex and Love movie. I didn't review it only because that movie was toooooooooo risque! Holy Moly, it would be considered a porn movie in the States. It was toooo detailed and nothing was left to the imagination. Whew! That movie might get you a wee bit hot and bothered. But in the end, I was more bothered. LOL!

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