Thursday, May 22, 2008

Haken no Hinkaku (The Pride of the Temp-2007)

Haken no Hinkaku

Shinohara Ryoko as Oomae Haruko (?)
Kato Ai as Mori Miyuki (23)
Koizumi Kotaro as Satonaka Kensuke (30)
Oizumi Yo as Shouji Takeshi (32)
Katsuji Ryo as Asano Tsutomu (23)
Itaya Yuka as Kuroiwa Masako (30)
Yasuda Ken as Hitotsugi Shinya (30)
Shirota Yu as Amaya Ryuto (20)
Kamiji Yusuke as Kin Kosaku

The Japanese employment structure has seen dramatic changes in recent years. Now reaching almost 3 million in number, the temporary staff labor force is claimed as being indispensable to the survival of Japanese corporations. It is under such circumstances that Haruko Ohmae(Ryoko Shinohara), a brilliant and sharp temporary worker dispatched to an established food company, S&F, in metropolitan Tokyo, works alongside permanent employees with pride and dignity. She is trusted and desired wherever she goes, while her permanent employee colleagues, Kensuke Satonaka (Kotaro Koizumi) and Takeshi Shoji (Yo Oizumi), always seem to find themselves in embarrassing dire straits. Depicting the almost comical daily battles and romance of the modern work place, this drama series is sure to encourage and inspire all working women in the world.

Ehhh! It was alright. It was good but it wasn't my personal "cup of tea". I'm sure others would love this drama....not enough romantic tension or something. I will say I was highly impressed with Koizumi Koutaro. He was so darn cute and sweet. Slap him between two pieces of bread and peanut butter and ....yummo!!!

Those of you who want to see this because of Shirota Yu, don't waste your time or breathe. His airtime is so short and he maybe had a max of 5 complete lines out of the 10 episodes. It was despicable.

So that is it in a nutshell. Sorry I couldn't give you more but that show left me with not much except for the fact that it did have a great premise for a story but the writer's left something out that left me feeling "bleh".

Sorry couldn't find decent or any pics of the cuties. So if anyone sees some....send them to me. Damn if I couldn't find a good one of Koizumi Kotaro. That p's me off!

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