Friday, May 9, 2008

Powerful Opponents

Powerful Opponents

I'm in love with this show even though reading that it hasn't gotten a huge audience in the first 8 episodes so far. I don't care. I love the premise of the show and Lee Jong-hyuk is to die for! So far I've only seen 4 episodes but am anxious to catch up with Korea! Personally I'm routing for Cha Young Jin and Yoo Gwang Pil. I love their chemistry together.

Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min
Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil

The gist of the story is about two newbie bodyguards, one being the first female for the president's secret service, who are assigned to protect the president's son who happens to be a royal pain in the....uh...butt. The three characters eventually form a love triangle as they begin to know each other better.

Powerful Opponent is a fun and comical drama about two agents that can't stand one another even if it meant their life! Cha Young-Jin (Chae Rim) is reputedly one of the best agents around. However, her credibility is easily discredited by the cold and heartless Yoo Kwan-Pil (Lee Jong-Hyuk). Young-Jin swears he's sexist and is only trying to beat her by trying to be the best; on the other hand, Kwan-Pil can't seem to stand women who tout "sexism" whenever they feel cheated.

While the two continue their battle with one another they are eventually forced to work with each other on a high priority assignment - to guard the President's son, Kang Soo-Ho (Lee Jin-Wook). Soo-Ho is a wild child that can't be controlled by even the best agents. When he sees Kwan-Pil he seems to recognize there history between the two? If so what? How will Young-Jin play a role between these two men?

More importantly, will Young-Jin and Kwan-Pil be able to break through to Soo-Ho and tame him from his wild ways?

Lee Jong Hyuk

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