Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gangster High (Pongryeok-sseokeul-2006)

Jeong Kyeong-ho~Sung-ho
Lee Tae-seong~Jae-gu
Lee Haeng-seok~Chang-bae
Jang Hie-jin~Sue-heui
Jo Jin-woong~Hong-gyu
Yeon Je-wook~Jong-seok

Sang-ho and his friends Jae-gu and Chang-bae create a boys soccer club called “Tigers”. Sang-ho, whose main passions are hitting the books and kicking a soccer ball, meets Su-hee through Jae-gu. Su-hee is polar opposite from Sang-ho. While he is the model student and athlete, Su-hee is a tough but pretty problem student. Their differences inevitably draw them together. But Su-hee belongs to Jong-suk, the leader of a teen gang calling themselves “T&T”. The Tigers soon find themselves engulfed in a battle with T&T. When Sang-ho’s friends become seriously injured during a fight with T&T, Sang-ho makes a choice he can’t go back on.

OMG! Another freakin' good movie. (Told ya Gangster High was on my must watch list.) Wow!

It starts off kind of slow but I think they were setting up the characters for us. Once the action starts, it is non-stop! Wow! A totally incredible cast. Jeong Kyeong-ho, again, amazed me with his diversity. He was still the "good boy" in this but when push-came-to-shove, his transformation was amazing.

Forewarning with kids, this is an "R"-rated movie. Some serious blood runneth over in this movie especially near the end. I have to admit I had to turn my head a few times. Ugh!

This was a psychological drama. Sung-ho tried desperately to avoid confrontation. When do you walk away? When do you finally give up and fight? Do we always have to turn the other cheek? Sometimes we have to fight especially when we are needed but how far should we go? All this should be determined in this movie......

By far a serious thought provoker that definitely should be discussed with your pre-teens and teenagers. Sometimes we are drawn into fights when we are seriously unwilling.

Top-notch, class-A variety movie. Must see TV!!!

Jeong Kyeong Ho
Jeong Kyeong Ho

Lee Tae Seong
Lee Tae SeongLee Tae SeongLee Tae SeongLee Tae Seong

Yeon Je Wook
Yeon Je Wook

Lee Haeng Seok
Lee Haeng-seokLee Haeng-seongLee Haeng-seong

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