Monday, May 12, 2008

Friends (2002) フレンズ / 프렌즈

Okay, this is not the comedy from the US. This is by far NOT a comedy. A love story. *sniff, sniff*

Friends (2002)

Won Bin as Kim Ji Hoon
Fukada Kyoko as Asai Tomoko
Lee Dong Gun as Park Kyung Joo
Han Hye Jin as Park Hye Jin

Left alone on a trip to Hong Kong, Tomoko (Fukada Kyoko) finds herself the victim of a purse-snatching. The police arrest the man she points out, but it turns out to be the wrong person: a young Korean man named Ji Hoon (Won Bin). Despite his anger and humiliation, he takes her out to dinner since she has lost all her money, and in return, she agrees to model for his amateur film. What follows is a magical and romantic two days. Upon returning to their respective countries, Tomoko must return to her nine-to-five job and Ji Hoon must resume studying to join the family business rather than pursuing his dream of becoming a film director. But soon the two begin to email each other and rekindle their relationship despite the distance and obstacles between them. Marking the very first time in television history that a drama has been co-produced between Japan and South Korea, the story shows us that love has no borders......

" has no border." *sniff, sniff* I read the premise of this drama and just knew it was going to be good. It didn't let me down one bit. Be sure to have a box of tissues had at the end. 'Nuff said. Oh it was sooooo sweet. Won Bin just nailed my heart to the wall. He was just soooo...ugh...gosh darn adorable. His soulfull eyes, his mushy heart, his kind face. He was like a bar of chocolate on a hot Texas day (which is pretty much everyday, of course.) He was just so sweet and soft but melted all over your hands into a gooey mess. You couldn't eat him up fast enough. LOL! Fukada Kyoka was the perfect opposite to Won Bin's character. This kind of sorta reminds you of Virgin Snow. Almost the same idea but different. Damn you gotta love those Korean/Japanese combos!

Won Bin
won binwon binwon binwon binWon BinWon BinWon Bin cutey
Ummmm.....I think I'm in love! He definitely got better lookin' as he got older.

Lee Dong Gun
I'm not the biggest fan of his. (I know I'll get hate mail for sayin' that..ugh) I can't help it. He's a good actor. No doubt, but he's just not my "cuppa tea".

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