Sunday, May 11, 2008

Furijia (Freesia: Bullets Over Tears

Tamayama Tetsuji
Nishijima Hidetoshi

During the Edo era, violent revenge was not only an acceptable practice, but an official one in which vendettas were authorized by the government. Freesia revives this concept of legal vendetta and brings it to a cold, contemporary Japan. Under the Vengeance Act, criminals receive official notice of their execution and face off in a designated area at a designated time with registered gun-wielding hitmen. Cool, silent, and impervious to pain, Kanou Hiroshi (Tamayama Tetsuji) just joined the Katsumi Vengeance Agency, and immediately establishes himself as an ace hitman with his sharp shooting and emotionless personality. Almost as cold is Higuchi (Tsugumi), who organizes the agency's paperwork. She has some personal vendettas of her own to settle, amongst them against Higuchi's acquaintance Toshio (Nishijima Hidetoshi). These three lonely people are haunted by a common memory, a military experiment years ago that forever changed their lives...

Umm...I for some damn reason loved this movie too. Yeah, I'm easily pleased. This was a weird, yet intriguing movie. I was soooo surprised to see Tetsuji-san in this part. Totally the complete opposite from him in his drama Brother Beat. I was so drawn to his character. I felt weak and sad for him. He so easily killed but yet you knew he longed to feel pain and sadness. So instead you felt all the emotions for him. It was just so, so, so sad. Don't expect to have this movie inspire you in anyway. If you are already PMSing or in deep depression don't watch it either. This movie is very moving but so meloncholy. I wasn't to keen with Higuchi. I couldn't feel where her character was supposed to go except with her relationship with Kanou. Toshio, hmmmmm.......He felt but yet you wanted him to feel awful for what happened at the start of the movie. He was partly to blame. Was there any morose? Who was the character that was always texting Toshio? Higuchi's brother? Maybe.

This isn't you can imagine what they would say in English...hehe.

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