Friday, May 2, 2008

Check It Out, Yo!

It's a movie. It's Japanese. And I was pleasantly surprised that it was totally better than what I thought it was. LOL! The movie poster had me thinking this would be a totally stupid movie but gave it a shot. And yet again....NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!


Ichihara Hayato ... Toru Isaka
Emoto Tasuku ... Akira Motobe
Hiraoka Yûta ... Tetsuo Tamashiro
Inoue Mao ... Yui Haebaru

This is a story about four high school kids who want to make a hip-hop band. Along the way, they go through a lot misery, self-doubt, self-awareness, and eventually happiness.

Toru has a crush on Nagisa, who is the girlfriend of a rival band. Akira and Tetsuo are Toru's friends who make up their band, 098. Yui is friends with all the boys but is in love with Toru and Akira loves Yui. (There really isn't a love traingle, per se. You'll see.)

Both visually and aurally satisfying, Check It Out, Yo! is a light, "feel-good" sort of movie. It's colorful, inventive, and energizing, and while it may not change your life, it certainly delivers plenty of belly laughs and a slew of intensely likeable performances.

So Check It Out, Yo!

Ichihara Hayato
ichihara hayato

Hiraoka Yûta
yuta hiraokaProposal Daisakusen

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