Friday, May 16, 2008

Volcano High (2001) - 화산고

Volcano HighVolcano High

Jang Hyuk - Kim Kyung-Soo: Main character whose powers caused him to get kicked out of school. Volcano High is the last school that will accept him.

Shin Min-a - Yoo Chae-Yi: Nicknamed and described as "Icy Jade". Captain of the Kendo team and love interest of Kyung-Soo.

Kim Su-ro - Jang Ryang: Nicknamed "Dark Ox". Leader of the Dark Oxen and captain of the weight-lifting team. One of the most powerful and feared fighters at Volcano High.

Kwon Sang-woo - Song Hak-rim: Described as "Elegant Crane in a Pine Forest". The most powerful martial artist in Volcano High. He is imprisoned after being framed by Jang Ryang for trying to steal the Manuscript.

Kong Hyo-jin - So Yo-seon: Described as "Single Hearted". Admirer of Song Hak-rim and co-captain of the Kendo team.

Kim Hyeong-jong - Shimma: Captain of the rugby union team.
Huh Jun-ho - Mr. Ma: Leader of the 5 Teachers who are sent to discipline the students. He has a history with Kyung-Soo.

Byeon Hee-bong - Vice Principal Jang Hak-Sa: Enlists the help of the 5 teachers and is angry due to the fact he isn't the principal.

High school has always been a problem for Kim. Having gone through eight in his short life because of his inability to control his supernatural powers, Kim isn't too excited about his next one. Transferred to the mysterious Volcano High, Kim arrives only to find that he may have found a place where he belongs. There, teachers, students, and some athletic clubs are engaged in a race against one another to find a secret martial arts manuscript...

Before I go into my high-and-mighty review, I must mention that Shin Min-ah is in this. Go Min-ah. She was in A Love to Kill guessed Jeong Rain!!!! Woo-hoo! Damn woman has kissed those ever lovin' hot man's lips. *sigh*

Other than the hot looking Jang Hyuk and Kwon Sang-woo, this movie was the stupidest movie to the highest power. The only thing it had going for it, besides the afore mentioned men, the fighting choreography was pretty cool. That is it. Nada, zero, nothing, nai. Too much jumping around in the story. It made my brain short circuit. Aaagh! Definitely a teen movie, I guess. But then I don't think my kids would watch it either.

Jang Hyuk
PhotobucketPhotobucketJang Hyuk oppa
It was so hard to find pics of him. What is it about Korean men and six packs! DAMN!! Holy Enchilada!!

Jang Woo Hyuk overtook the photobucket tag space. Geez. Let me add that JWH is a hottie too. Maybe he'll be in a few dramas or something. LOL!

Kwon Sang Woo
Kwon Sang Wookwon sang wooKwon Sang Wookwon sang woo
Again...six packs? I first saw Sang-woo in the movie My Tutor Friend. That was such a sweet movie. Loved it. Most of us girls will relate. *sigh*

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