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Flying Boys (Ballet Gyoseubso~2004)

Flying Boys (Ballet Gyoseubso~2004)Flying Boys (Ballet Gyoseubso~2004)
Yoon Kye-sang as Min-jae
Kim Min-jeong as Su-jin
Ohn Joo-wan as Chang-seob
Lee Jun-ki as Dong-wan

Kang Min-jae, a senior at Taesung High School, lives with his stern father, who's a captain of a famous airline. He has liked a blunt and staunch girl named Hwangbo Soo-jin in the same apartment building but he never had the courage to go up and talk to her. Soo-jin lives in a family that puts the son on the pedestal, she has no room to escape the pettiest housework even while she's studying for the college entrance exam.

After the exam, Min-jae has a drink with his buddies and then sneaks out with his dad's car. On the way, he discovers a victim to a hit-and-run accident. Yang Jung-sook, a ballet instructor at the community center in the district, sees Min-jae and the body. Jung-sook, having difficulties in finding enough students for her class, threatens Min-jae, who she caught drinking and driving without a license, and drags him and his two friends to learn ballet. Meanwhile, Soo-jin's parents also forces Soo-jin to learn ballet to get rid of her stiff and boyish appearance.

Finally, Soo-jin, Min-jae and his buddies, Dong-wan, and Chang-sub, meet at the ballet school at the Hwangkeum community center. With Yang Jung-sook at the center of the ballet school, various people from all walks of life learn ballet. While they all clash and open each other's hearts to one another, they finally come together in a memorable performance in the end.

This was an all-round good movie. It didn't get rave reviews but I seriously liked it. The only thing I didn't like was a completion of Min-Jae's and Soo-jin's relationship. I was a little left hanging there but in all it was a definitely good movie. I won't lie. I 'bout spewed my soda out my nose during the scene where Min-Jae and Dong-wan were putting on their dancing gear for the first time. OMG! That was the best hilarious 10 minutes of my life and then coming out of the dressroom only to have put them on wrong and the entire class to witness it. Oh God! That was a riot. And the next best scene, not a funny moment, was when Min-jae's dad beat him up outside and Min-jae confessed he hated his father and missed his mother while sobbing. Oh, that choked me up beyond belief. Then Soo-jin chased him....such a tender moment. Ack! Tears forming again. It's hard to see a grown man cry. Loved it immensely!

Okay, you know the pics are coming.

Yoon Kye Sang
00586828_2 Yoon Kye Sangk2~5 Yoon Kye Sangk12~0 Yoon Kye Sangk11~0 Yoon Kye Sangs8 Yoon Kye Sang
I'm salivating beyond belief. I've never seen such gorgeous artwork on a man's abs. I couldn't help myself. Lots of torso shots.
Ohn Joo Wan
on joo wanOhn Joo WanOhn Joo Wan
I have to say that out of all the actors he looked like a real dancer. I don't know if he is or not. But dang did he look good!

Lee Jun Ki
Jun KiJun KiLee Jun KiLee Jun Kilee jun kilee jun ki
I can't stop! Every picture of Jun Ki is exceptional. OMG! Okay, I must revise my hunkiest Asian man list. Lee Jun Ki is the most prettiest, finest, gorgeous specimen. I want to see his parents. The genes they gave him were of the highest quality. Does he have brothers and sisters? Damn. Every part of him is PERFECT! And he is the most popular of all Korean actors. He isn't a retard in the acting genre. This man can act. So whatever girl this man chooses will be the luckiest female on earth. He was in Virgin Snow. Lovely movie. A must see. I'm going to be having the most erotic of dreams tonight. Oh geez. I think I might be on a Lee Jun Ki movie and drama hunt. The long hair has me turned on. What drama or movie was that? I'm sure I'll find out! Whew!

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