Saturday, May 31, 2008

Koizora (Sky of Love, 恋空-2007)


Haruma Miura-Sakurai Hiro
Yui Aragaki-Tahara Mika
Keisuke Koide-Fukuhara Yu
Ryuji Yamamoto
Yuko Asano
Tomona Hirota
Yosuke Asari

The cell-phone novel that moved 11 million to tears.

Uploaded to a cell-phone website, this tale of an average girl’s three stormy years of high school, a saga of love, rape, pregnancy, miscarriage, parting, and reunion, is in fact a true story. Striking a chord with many women, its popularity spread like wildfire by word of mouth, and published in book form was an instant best-seller, with 1.3 million copies snapped up in only three weeks. The work is a true phenomenon of the emerging cell-phone society. (source:

I write this as snot runs, dripping down my nose, lips, chin. I can't stop sobbing. Not the quiet tears but heart-wrenching, gut-tightening, hiccuping, lungs-suffocating, rocking type of crying. This movie, I will have trouble throughout the day, will haunt me for days. I will not be able to watch Gokusen 3 because of Miura Haruma who is a lead role. I can honestly say that I've fallen for him. This movie, his part, "oh God!".......will I be able to make it. The tears won't stop. Out of the 2 hours of watching, I cried through 75% of it....especially the end.

This was a love so inspiring that I wish we all could have but then could we all survive the pain that comes with that type of love?

I'm trying so hard not to give away this movie. I don't want to ruin it for anyone. I will say prepared, be forewarned........this movie, if it doesn't move you to tears with wracking sobs, needs more than a store of tissue. If you don't cry during this movie, you must have no heart or love of any kind. I'm sitting here trying so damn hard to type through my tears and to keep from having snot land on my keypad.

I will probably not watch this movie again because I don't think I can handle it. The most important part of the story that had me so upset was when Hiro realized he didn't want to die and wanted to live on with Mika. Damn! I just can't seem to stop crying. This movie affected me so much. I need to find a happy movie ASAP!

Oh and there is a reason this was called the Sky of Love.................damn more tears. How much snot can one person produce?

I'd add pics....but I don't think I can do it just now..*sigh*

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Anonymous said...

i loved t-t-his moovie...

people said that the drama is more sad

my fave part is when hiro died, she wanted to commit suicide in hiro's fave place...crying "don't let me alone!"... and it was like hiro was protecting her at this moment =$


i cried et shout and cried angain all along the film