Friday, May 2, 2008

Duelist 형사 (Hyeong-sa)

OMG! OMG! OMG! Run! Don't walk. Right freakin' now! Go! Right now! Y'all have got to see this movie. OMG! OMG! OMG!

The choreograpy was spectacular. The very last scene of the movie (NO LIE!) was so erotic. This was some serious foreplay. I sooooooooo wanted to be Namsoon at that moment. OMG! The cinematography was beautiful. I will admit it was a little confusing at the beginning trying to figure out the plot of the story. It was like everyone was starting at different corners and everyone was trying to wind their way to the center. But once they got there, it was truly awesome. Truly, truly, truly awesome!

Set years ago in the era of the Joseon Dynasty, the story follows a young police officer named Namsoon (Ha Ji-won) who, along with her fellow officers, discovers a counterfeit ring operating out of the area they've been assigned to protect. However, as the criminals aren't just printing up their own money, they also plan to use it to topple the economy and take down the government. As her investigative work continues, Namsoon soon makes the acquaintance of a young man known only as Sad Eyes (Kang Dong-won), for the way that he looks out at you from underneath his hair - he doesn't say much, but he's got that look and that's all it takes to pique Namsoon's interest in him, even if she shouldn't be thinking those thoughts about someone she might have to toss in jail. Of course, Namsoon can't deny her feelings even if the object of her affection belongs behind bars, and it's not long before she's starting to act on her emotions.

Kang Dong Won
wow..Kang Dong Wonsexy kang dong wonhott kang dong won
Ummm....can I eat THAT? Holy Macaroni! Kang Dong are soooo cute! Second pic makes this writer produce some serious saliva. Ya know what I'm sayin'? Whew!

There was one only drama that I've seen him in...One Percent of Anything. I remember it well. It's a really good drama. I never got to review before I started this blog. Definitely worth your time and effort. Try it...before you buy it! Uh-huh....................

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