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14 Sai No Haha (14才の母-2006)

14 Sai no Haha
Shida Mirai as Ichinose Miki (14)
Tanaka Misako as Ichinose Kanako (43)
Namase Katsuhisa as Ichinose Tadahiko (45)
Miura Haruma as Kirino Satoshi (15)
Muroi Shigeru as Kirino Shizuka (48)
Yamaguchi Sayaka as Endo Kyoko (Homeroom teacher, 25)
Koumoto Junichi as Mitsui Makoto (Miki's uncle, 33)
Kitamura Kazuki as Hatano Taku (Chief of editor, 38)
Sorimachi Takashi as Doctor Tsuchida (ep10-11)
Menu 14 Sai no Haha 1
14-year-old Miki Ichinose becomes pregnant with her boyfriend's child. After struggling with the fact that she is pregnant, she decides that she will keep the baby and raise it by herself. The drama follows what this means for her, her family, her school life, the life of her boyfriend and his family, and the society in which she resides.

I don't know what to say about this show. It disturbed me beyond no end. Shida Mirai looks younger than her 14 years in this show, almost 11-12 years in fact. Teaming her up with Miura Haruma who is actually in reality 3 years older than her in real life made it seem unreal. Should have had another actress for the role. Nothing against Shida Mirai, she did really well it was just hard to watch with her childlike face. I guess they chose her for that reason. Reality is....girls that young are getting pregnant. Ugh.

It had a happy ending though. That made it seem better when my heart cried out in pain to see such a young girl grow up in 9 months immediately. To my happy surprise, Sorimachi Takashi, played her doctor after giving birth. I about peed my panties out of sheer happiness. So I had two hotties to make my morning.

I must admit I watched all the episodes in 4 hours time. "How?" I'm sure you are asking. Well, there was too much melodramatic music, reminiscing, and boring adult talk. All I cared about was the relationship of Satoshi and I fast forwarded through most of it. And to my complete surprise, they didn't dwell alot on their relationship. It was all about Miki and her family which royally pissed me off. Satoshi's relationship and responsibilities were tossed on her throughout the series. I think they should have thrown in more on his that sped up the process a bit for me as well. So 11 episodes cut down to 4 hours.....that says alot.

The series could have been better like I said especially on this tough subject and not have left it on the girl. It takes "two to tango" as they say.

Sorimachi Takashi
Sorimachi Takashi
Sorimachi TakashiSorimachi Takashi

Miura Haruma
Miura HarumaMiura HarumaMiura Haruma

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