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Moon Child (

Moon Child
Hideto Takarai ... Kei (as Hyde)
Gackt Camui ... Sho (as Gackt)
Lee-Hom Wang ... Son
Taro Yamamoto ... Toshi
Susumu Terajima ... Shinji
Zeny Kwok ... Yi-Che
Seiji Chihara
Koji Chihara ... Wani
Kanata Hongo ... Young Sho
Ryo Ishibashi
You Kurosaki ... Jun
Anne Suzuki ... Hana
James H. Thomas ... Rick
Etsushi Toyokawa ... Luka

"Moon Child" is a sci-fi action drama starring HYDE (of the band L'Arc en Ciel) and Gackt, two of Japan's top rock musicians with a strong fan base throughout Asia. Filmed on location in Taiwan, it features an up and coming cast in a truly unique, pan-Asian glimpse of the future. In a chaotic, strife-filled city where everything is up for grabs, fate brings four orphans into the life of KEI, a man with eternal life, a vampire.

The story follows the five tough yet vulnerable characters as they struggle to find love and friendship in a world of conflict and horror. Caught in the web of violent times, they end up at war with one another in a bitter sweet mix of love hate and gunfire.

It is the year 2014. The Asian Special Economic Zone, "Mallepa" is bustling with people of different races and nationalities. It's a boomtown at the frontier of the modern economic system where dreams can come true overnight...for some.

SHO, who has just turned eight, is one of a gang of kids known as the "Mallepa Orphans" who eke out their lives on the streets. Together with his brother SHINJI and their buddy TOSHI, they survive by petty thieving and picking pockets. One day Sho gets acquainted with KEI, a young man with the cursed fate of a vampire. Trying to help the wounded Kei, Sho takes him to their hideout.

A vicious thug storms the hideout to retrieve his briefcase which the gang had stolen earlier. They try to flee, but Sho and Shinji are cornered. Sho sees his brother gunned down. But nothing matches the horror of watching Kei arise and tear the thug to pieces then drink his blood. From that moment on, this terrible secret is a bond between them.

...Ten years later, Sho and Toshi have matured into hoodlums who plan to hit the local Taiwanese mafia and make their fortunes. Kei, not having aged a day, tags along with this group of friends.

As they launch their attack on the mafia HQ, they encounter SON, a local guy there with exactly the same plan in mind. They team up and become stronger than ever.

Later, at Son's house, they meet his sister YI-CHE who was once raped by the mafia thugs and left for dead. Struck dumb by the trauma, her only mode of expression is in the painting of a giant mural in the park where the gang hang out. Sho falls for her silent beauty, but it seems she is smitten by the mysterious presence of Kei.

Against the hidden longings of this latent love triangle, the following period is one of true happiness for the gang. For the first time in their bleak, young lives they know what it is to cherish each day. However the peace is fated to be short-lived. At the opening exhibition for Yi-Che's mural, hit men from the top-level of the mafia gang barge in, guns blazing.......

I'm going to start off right to the point. This movie is a total must-see. I've got tears streaming down my face. It was a beautiful story. Who would have thought a story about a vampire would be so beautiful. It was an emotional story that Hyde couldn't have played better. And surprisingly enough, Gackt rocked!! Kei (Hyde) starts off by becoming a sort of father figure to Sho (Gackt). As Sho grew, it was more of brother love. It was a bloody, enduring, hopeful story of friendship beyond imagination during a time of gang wars and racial discrimination.

This movie has got to be a sleeper hit. I really don't know but I'd never heard of it before but yet I've read other reviews to this movie and it was given above average marks. I have to say that I agree whole heartedly and then some!

I'll admit it was a bit fast in the time changes but yet it fit so well. We see the growth in Sho as he matures into an adult while we watch Kei struggle with life as he never ages and knows that eventually they'll all leave him behind.

The end was shocking and left me with a "huh?" then a "WTF?" to an "OMG!" then progressed to an all out sob fest. Man, the Japanese sure do know how to make me cry! Damn them! LOL! Kidding folks!

I'm immediately going to download this movie as soon as I can!! So should you!!

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