Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mission Impossible: Kidnapping Granny K (Kwonsoonboon Yeosa Napchi Sageon,권순분여사 납치사건-2007)

Mun-hee Na
Kang Seong-jin
Hae-jin Yu
Geon Yu
Sang-Myeon Park

Mrs. KWON has spent lifetime building a small home-made soup business into an empire with her bare hands. Now a retiring millionaire, she’s distributed most of her wealth among her children and is enjoying her life as an independent, tech-savvy granny. A band of less-than-professional criminals kidnaps her in a hope to make an easy fortune but their naïve plan goes all wrong, when the family of their difficult hostage is reluctant to pay the ransom of 50,000,000 dollars. Infuriated by this, Mrs. KWON takes the matter into her own hands and leads the pack in making the biggest kidnap case in history. Will she and her kidnappers be able to get their hands on the 50 million dollar ransom?

LOL! This movie was a hoot! Totally cool movie. Makes you want to go hug your mama! I mean it!

You fall in love with Granny and the three men who decide to kidnap her for money. The three guys aren't a malicious bunch but are having hard times. Granny being a smart cookie realizes this and eventually starts helping them out with her kidnapping.

I will say this....the very end was so damn funny. I'm still smiling! Weeeeeeeeee!

Yu Geon
Yoo GunYoo GeonYoo GeonPhotobucket

Kang Seong Jin
Kang Seong JinKang Seong Jin

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