Friday, June 6, 2008

Tokyo Serendipity (Koisuru madori, 恋するマドリ-2007)

Tokyo Serendipity

Yui Aragaki - Yui Aoki
Ryuhei Matsuda - Takashi
Rinko Kikuchi - Junda Atsuko
Supporting Cast:
Noriko Eguchi - Yui's sister
Pierre Taki - Tanaka
Tomona Hirota - Sachi Tokuda

Beautiful college student Yui (Aragaki Yui) moves into her own apartment for the first time, beginning a new life of independence. Still green when it comes to life and love, she soon develops a crush on her moody upstairs neighbor Takashi (Matsuda Ryuhei). It turns out that Yui's apartment is actually the former abode of Takashi's ex-girlfriend Atsuko (Kikuchi Rinko) whom Yui also befriends by chance. And thus begins an unexpected journey of romance and friendship for these three very different people.

I watched this movie with massively high expectations. Can I shoot myself now? This movie started out so well. I was all into it. I was so pleasantly surprised to see Ryuhei-kun in a non-badboy role. He was withdrawn but not dressed in black, dark eyeliner, and with a kick-ass attitude. Nope, he played a professor (sensei!). That blew me out of the water alone. LOL! So here I am into this "love story" and it fell apart at the end. It made no sense. Their wasn't any completion to it. Is Takashi still with Junko or what? I was so hoping for him to end up with Yui because she was there the whole story helping him. It was hard to feel anything for Junko sense she sort of "threw" him away. I felt no connection whatsoever. What a crapping ending. I'm not at all pleased and that just made my 2 hours of Ryuhei-kun heaven end up in movie hell! Damn!

So in my opinion...don't watch it unless you want to beat your head against the wall and curse the movie gods!

Ahh..but I don't mind posting pics of Ryuhei-kun because I don't get to often. LOL!

Matsuda Ryuhei
Matsuda RyuheiMatsuda RyuheiMatsuda RyuheiMatsuda RyuheiMatsuda Ryuhei

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