Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Ghost (Shibito no koiwazurai-2001)

Love Ghost
Kumiko Akiyoshi - Kazuko
Mao Asami - Satou Naoko
Risa Goto - Fukada Midori
Shuntaro Hani
Hirotaro Honda - A doctor
Yuki Inomata - Suzuki Tamayo
Miki Ito
Kazusa Matsuda - Yamada Sanae
Ryuhei Matsuda - Shibayama Ryuuhei
Asumi Miwa - Tanaka Suzue
Hitomi Miwa - Enomoto Haruka
Yoichiro Saito
Yosuke Saito - A teacher
Takahashi Shinji - Tejima Koutarou

Midori has just transferred high schools and returned to the town she lived in as a young girl. When Midori arrives at school she notices that a childhood friend, Ryusuke Shibayama, is also in her class. Meanwhile, a rumor about the beautiful boy fortuneteller at the Shrine comes up among the students right about the same time. They say the mysterious young boy who wraps himself in black clothing is so beautiful that he makes girls’ hearts stop as they fall under his spell.

This was wicked! The title should give you an idea about what this is was the last 20 minutes of the story that freaked me out! Let's just say that Midori and her mom aren't as normal as you think.

Now, Ryu-san can be my love ghost anytime. Just invade my dreams....*sigh*. LOL! Just seeing him sooooo young. He looks the same but yet doesn't look like himself either. Oh and smile update....he smiles quite a bit in this movie. And trust me, it was hard to see him smile. It just didn't seem natural when we always see him smirk, snarl, or just be depressed. So the smile wasn't as pretty as I'd hoped it would be. I like the angry look much better...........

.......but then the smile now wouldn't be so bad. LOL!

This was a really good, suspenseful movie. Good in regards that this was one of the few early movies from Ryu-san. They are so hard to find and come by. So enjoy this one while you can. I saw this one on

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