Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Invisible Target (Nan er ben se,男儿本色-2007)

Invisible Target
Nicholas Tse - Detective Chan Chun
Jaycee Chan - Officer Wai King Ho
Shawn Yue - Inspector Carson Fong Yik Wei
Jacky Wu - Tien Yeng Seng
Andy On - Ronin Tien Yeng-Yee
Elanne Kwong - Leung Hoi Lam
Sam Lee - Ho Wing Keung

An armoured truck is secretly transporting $100 million for a U.S bank when it is hijacked by a band of robbers calling themselves the “Ronin Gang.” The gang blows up the truck and makes off with all the cash. Three young detectives, led by Chen Jin (Nicholas Tse), are soon assigned to prevent another massive bank robbery organized by the Ronin Gang.

OMG! I'm not a big fan of Chinese movies whatsoever but damn if this wasn't the shit! This was so kick-ass! I swoon with the testosterone action and the hot pheromones that surround this movie. Holy Enchilada!!! I'm in loooooooooove!

I couldn't stop yelling, ooooohing and aaaaaaahing to this. The moves were incredible. Jackie (Chan) you taught your son well! Sheesh, he looks EXACTLY like you! Holy Enchilada!

Now I know why I see forum boards all about Nicholas Tse. This guy rocks. Incorporate Shawn Yu and it's a freakin' wet panty fest!

The story was believable. Dang, if it didn't literally start off with a bang. The first 20 minutes you are glued to your seat and afraid to leave to miss the coolest action you'll see in a long freakin' time. Woo-hoo! Three hot guys, kung-fu, shoot'em up, round'em up action with even a few endearing moments that just add the right touch!

One of my favorites. Heading to Walmart tomorrow to pick up a copy. I actually saw it there but watched it online first before I spent $20. It'll be well worth it!!

Shawn Yue
Shawn Yueshawn yueShawn Yue Hot
Omg! OMG! OH MY GOD! I can't believe I found this pic! Risque? Hell yes! A little too much for my eyes! Oh my eyes!

Nicholas Tse
Nicholas TseMy School Mate the Barbariannicholas tseNicholas Tse
I'm in loooooooove! Why have I avoided all these movies with him in them. Whyyyyyyy? I've got some catchin' up to do!

Jaycee Chan
Yeah, that is Jackie's (Chan) son! I swear he was duplicated. There ain't no denying that boy is his!!!!

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